If you’re in the process of moving, it’s important to consider your storage options as well. Storage services or self storage can be incredibly useful, whether you need to store items temporarily during the moving process or you need a long-term storage solution for items you don’t have space for in your new home.

Not every move needs storage facilities, but some do. Depending on the situation, we decide whether we need any storage unit.

And when we look for the options we have, we run through only two options: either a full moving company storage services or self storage unit. Both the storage units are best in their way, but we have to choose between the two considering our own moving and storing conditions.

Storage Services Or Self Storage

These are the only options you run through while looking for storage units near you. But which one is better for you – storage services or self storage? You will not get to know about it unless you read about it.

So let’s discuss some valuable points about both storage services. But through every point, you will know which one will prove better for you after realizing your moving conditions and situations. Storing units are essential to settle both interstate and intrastate moves.

1. Secure Accessibility

Both storage services or self storage units offer secure access to your belongings. Whether you choose a self-storage unit or a unit provided by your moving company, you’ll be able to access your valuables whenever you need them.

But there is only one difference: the location of the storage unit. The one you choose for yourself may lie between your both destinations and maybe the self-storage that your moving company provides you with may not lie between your destinations. But you can get one if you talk to your company regarding this matter.

2. Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Climate-controlled storage units are now available at both storage services or self storage facilities, ensuring that your valuables are kept in the best possible condition.

Nowadays, almost all the storage units you get are climate controlled. Whether it is a self-storage unit or the one that your company provides you. This feature of storage units makes your valuables storage convenient for you.

So this is a shared benefit you get from both the storage facilities. And as per your conditions, you will get the required climate you need for your valuables.

3. Contractual Agreement

When it comes to a contract for a self-storage unit, then somewhere you have to and somewhere not sign a lengthy contract. It depends on what type of self-storage unit you opt for.

But while you opt for a storage unit your moving company provides you, you don’t have to sign a lengthy contract because this will get added to your moving service, and you will have to sign the contract only once. So in terms of the contract, the one that your company provides you will be a better choice.

4. Furniture Wrapping

While wrapping furniture, when you opt for a self-storage unit, you have to pack and wrap all your furniture on your own and bring all the packing material on your own.

Still, if you opt for a storage unit that your company provides you with, you will get fully packed furniture at your storage unit. While moving, they will pack all your valuables and bring their quality packing and wrapping materials along.

5. Affordability

When it comes to the price of a storage unit, then a self-storage unit will cost higher than the one that your company provides you with.

Because a self-storage unit service is an all-alone service that you will separately opt for while the storage unit that your moving company provides you with is being added to the moving service. So keeping this in mind, it is noticeable that full-service moving company storage will cost less.

6. Security

When we talk about the safety of the valuables, then both storage unit service provides comparable results. Because this is business work, and no one wants to stay behind the walls when their competitors are working well in their area of work.

And that’s why both storage unit services provide comparable results in terms of security. You can get your private block to store your valuables there. And the storage units are covered with surveillance cameras and a security guard to watch over them.

7. Pick-up Of Valuables

Suppose you opt for a self-storage unit. In that case, you have to pick up and unload all your valuables on your own, You will only get a storage unit, and you will have to do all the rest.

Still, on the other hand, if you opt for a complete company storage unit service, then you don’t have any need to do anything; your movers will do all the work from packing to pick-up and unloading for you. So when we talk about picking up your valuables, a complete company storage service unit will be a great option.


Hence, in conclusion, we can say that if you are moving to a new place and have hired a moving company to relocate your belongings, then it will be better if you opt for a whole-company self-storage unit because it is less expensive and will give you more benefits as compared to a self-storage unit.

And if you are looking for a whole company moving and storage units, then A Class Movers will be a great choice.

Take a look at our moving and storage services. A Class Movers will assist you with the most reliable and the best moving and storage facilities throughout the move and will save you a lot of cost and time. Contact us now and book a quote and be the one to get the benefits first.

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