Most homeowners or renters moving to a new house can pack and transfer books, clothing, kitchenware, and other property belongings easily. But not everything in your home is simple to operate. Some difficult items to move require professional assistance, knowledge, expertness, and the appropriate tools. 

So, to help you out moving the heavy items, A Class Movers is here! Our expert house removalists in Adelaide are experienced and trained to transfer these difficult-to-move objects so that you may avoid significant injury and maintain the goodness of your property. Also, in this blog, we will explore the items that are difficult to move without movers.

List Items That Are Difficult To Move

Ten home items that are difficult to move without professionals are listed below. So, check whether you have them at home or not, and then hire our experts in home removals appropriately.

1. Electronic Items

The majority of electronics are often brittle by nature. Even slight impacts might cause them harm. For instance, if they are not packed properly by a professional, electronics like a television, computer monitor, laptop, or other devices might easily shatter.

When preparing them for a transfer, electronics unquestionably demand careful attention and appropriate approaches. It would be wiser to delegate the task to experienced movers and packers so that you can be sure your belongings will arrive without harm. 

2. Piano

Many individuals have pianos in their homes to enjoy the music. But when it comes to moving it from one place to another, a piano is one of the most delicate items that require movers. The majority of pianos weigh hundreds of pounds, which makes them difficult to move. Additionally, pianos are among the most expensive and valuable goods in a home. So, it’s better to work with local expert piano removalists who can transfer pianos easily.‍

3. Hot Tubs

Hot tubs weigh between 900 and 1,000 pounds without water and need to be entirely emptied before being packed up for a transfer. They are another big, bulky object that demands the lifting effort of some professional movers. So, finding spa/hot tub movers with much experience in transporting this kind of large object is essential because they know the whole disassembly and setup process, just like it is with pianos.

4. Antiques  

Antiques and original works of art are quite popular and have financial as well as sentimental values. We always have to transport our antiques and artwork whenever we switch residences. 

Nobody wants their fragile items to be damaged while in transportation since this would result in a significant financial loss. And that is precisely why moving artwork is such a difficult item to move. Due to their unique shapes and dimensions, packing antiquities or works of art is more complex.

Although there are several online instructions on how to securely pack artwork and antiques, we advise hiring experienced house movers to avoid damage to your valuables.

5. Aquariums 

Aquariums are also items that are difficult to move without professionals since fish might perish if the water quality and temperature aren’t maintained. So, to pack, you will need large containers for the water, packaging materials for the glass box and tools, and fish storage that is ventilated. It might be difficult to manage these duties together with other moving-related duties, which is why you should employ qualified removalists to move your aquarium.

6. Large Furniture Items

The majority of furniture doesn’t pose a significant danger of harm, but the very fact is that they are so large and strangely formed (for example, sectional sofas), which makes them challenging to move. 

You need to make sure that it will pass through the doorways or not and have knowledge of its assembly, packing, and lifting. But doing it without prior experience will raise the chances of injuries. So, to avoid any moving injuries, it is better to contact professional furniture removalists for these hard-to-move items.

7. Pool Table

A billiard table often weighs 1,000 pounds or more; thus, moving a pool table also requires an expert team of pool table movers as well as specialized tools. 

For shifting, it is necessary to disassemble the pool table each part of a pool table, pack them properly in moving blankets and bubble wrap, and then rebuild them in your new house. So, it’s quite a difficult item to move yourself.

8. Fragile Items Like Glassware And Chinaware 

Silverware, china, and glassware are among the most easily broken home items. These items are too difficult to move without movers. Even a slight accident may cause them to shatter quickly. These things typically have a high monetary worth.

The correct handling methods and special care must be used while handling such goods. The appropriate materials — boxes, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, etc. are also needed. So it is better to allow experienced movers and packers to undertake the job on your behalf if you want to protect your items.

9. House Plants

Plants are also one of the most difficult items to move. Moving your plants requires extreme attention. It needs an appropriate temperature so it doesn’t get damaged during a move. Thus, finding a moving company that can make specific preparations for moving plants would be ideal.


In addition to the above-listed difficult items to move, there may be other home items that are problematic to transport, like a vehicle, a large or bulky table, or a pet. So, By referring to this list of challenging-to-move items, you can readily determine what cannot be relocated without the need for professional movers.

If you truly want to make your moving easier, hiring experienced and reliable packers and movers is the best solution. You can also consider choosing A Class Movers if you are planning a house removal in Adelaide. Our professional team of movers in Adelaide is well-equipped with knowledge and tools to handle your difficult-to-move items with great safety.

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