You need to make head or tail of a few things before moving when you decide to move. Some people tend to move their valuables independently, and others hire professional movers to move their belongings.

Both types of people are suitable in their way, considering their conditions. So for those people who rely on the professional moving company must be familiar with the term “Moving Quote“.

Moving quote define as the quote or the cost of moving that your moving company provides you after analysing the different aspects of your valuables that are to be moved.

But understanding your moving quote is crucial, and that’s why it is advisable to get a moving quote from at least two or three moving companies and then hire the one that suits your budget.

When we talk more about a moving quote, we will find that a moving quote works as a rough estimate for moving costs. Usually, a moving quote depends on numerous factors such as distance, time, weight and quantity of your valuables.

Moving quotes can be determined on-site, online or through a phone call. But when we compare all of them, the quote your company provides you on-site will be accurate. But besides this, there are three types of estimates your company provides you with such as:

Understanding the Different Types of Moving Estimates:

1. Non-Binding Moving Estimate

A non-binding moving estimate is defined as an estimate your company provides you online or through a phone call. It is a practice performed by most moving companies.

They will first provide you with a non-binding estimate and then hike the moving cost later after, and you will not be able to do anything and will end up paying more in the end.

A non-binding moving estimate cannot define the exact moving cost, and we will advise you not to sign a non-binding estimate.

2. Binding Moving Estimate

After analysing all moving valuables on-site, a binding moving estimate can be one that your company provides you. This fixed estimate will hold your moving company on that fixed cost.

A binding moving estimate is determined based on the approximate weight of your moving valuables. In this, you have to pay the exact moving amount whether it takes less or more to move your belongings.

But in a binding moving estimate, customers are not allowed to make any changes in the move. You have to renegotiate the moving estimate with your moving company if you do.

3. Binding-Not-To-Exceed Moving Estimate

The binding-not-to-exceed estimate is one of the favourites and the most used binding estimates among customers moving a short or long distance. It is pretty similar to a binding estimate.

Still, in this type of estimate, the customer will define their total budget, which they will not exceed in any condition, so the moving company is bound to move your belongings in that given budget.

And in this type of estimate, customers won’t need to pay overcharge even if their moving valuables weigh high.

After discussing all types of moving quotes, you must be thinking of which one to opt for. But how do you know that which one is better?

If you think that one is better than the other, you may be wrong because you still have to think about many things before opting for one type of moving quote. So here are some tricks to opt for a better moving quote which includes:

  • Always hire a moving company that charges based on the weight of your shipment.
  • Always choose a moving company that decides the moving estimate based on on-site inspection.
  • Do not accept an incomplete or blank moving estimate. And also, do not hire a moving company that tries to get your sign on an incomplete or blank moving estimate.
  • Before signing any estimate, make sure that your inventory list is accurate and always get a copy of that inventory list with you.
  • Be always flexible with your moving date.


In conclusion, do not sign a moving estimate until you get sure about it. Always make a move before deeply analysing everything.

Always ask your moving company about any doubt that arises in your mind and hire them only when they clear up your doubts the way you want.

Always enlist at least three moving companies and get the estimate from them. Once you enlist the estimates, then go through them thoroughly.

If they add any extra charges to your estimate, ask them why it is. Be clear about everything and keep your mindset accordingly. You need to pay extra consciousness to everything.

Otherwise, you will end up paying extra in the end. So if you were looking for an above suspicion and reputed moving company, then A Class Movers will be a great choice. It is a well-reputed moving company that will provide you with an accurate moving estimate.

We have moved thousands of customers and are experts in providing Adelaide’s best moving services.

So if you have any query and want to ask anything about our company or us, you can visit our website. You will get an exact estimate in the budget that better suits your needs while moving with A Class Movers.

You can also call us on 1800 849 008

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Our movers will try to contact you as soon as possible and clear all your doubts.

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