Moving to a new place can be an exciting but stressful experience, especially when it comes to safely and efficiently storing your belongings during the process. To help you out, here are some smart tips for safe and organized storage during a move. These tips include proper planning, decluttering, getting packing supplies, organizing a storage room, and using smart packing tricks. By following these tips, you can ensure that your move is less stressful and that your belongings are safe and secure during the process.

Removals and storage can be a terrible experience, and at the same time it may can go very nicely, but again it depends on how well you have prepared yourself for it.

We, as best removalists in Adelaide have seen many people struggling with storage problems during a move. To help you with this issue, we have made a list of some best and most fantastic storage tips for your move.

Smart Tips for Safe and Organized Storage during a Move

When moving to a new place, it’s important to ensure that your belongings are safely and efficiently stored during the process. Here are some smart tips for safe and organized storage during a move:

1. Plan Before You Put Your Goods Into Storage

The very first step in every move is about proper planning. This sounds a bit hectic, but if you do it, there will be some relaxation for you in the next few days after the move. 

First, you should think about the belongings you want to take with you to the new residence. Plan which rooms you want to start packing with and on which day you will do this.

Make a decision on which part of your house you use most minor, and the trick is that you should pack that particular room first because the helpful rooms will have more things, and it will become a mess to pack them.

Also, if you make this habit of planning the next few days, you will not have to go through the last minute rush. Even if you want, then you can take help from your friends at this time because there is a possibility that they might not be available in the last days of the move.

2. De-clutter The Goods For Storage

Yes! Decluttering is the most essential and intelligent key to any move. As you have been living in that place for a very long time, there is now a lot of material collected in your house, so it becomes a need to declutter everything before the move. It would be best if you did this to solve many other significant issues related to storage.

The best way to do this is by checking all the rooms patiently. Make your mind about what you want to keep and take with you and on the other hand which item is not helpful for you anymore.

Create a list of all those things that will not be valuable for you in the new place. So, it is better not to keep these extra things because all they do is occupy unnecessary space. 

After separating all these useless objects from that place, it is time to make an important decision about what you want to do with them.

 You have three major choices to get rid of these things :

  • You can donate some items if they are good to use. There are many places where many needy people live, and they will be more than happy to receive these items as gifts. You can collect their blessings for your upcoming life by presenting these items. There are some NGOs that are very much active in this sector. You can connect them through any of their portals and get permission to help poor people.
  • One more reasonable option for you can even give you some financial help. It is about selling a few items. If you have things working correctly, but you do not require them for long, so sell them, you can organize a sale for this purpose in your backyard.
  • The last option left for you is to throw away what is not going to be repaired or work anyhow. 

3. Get Packing Supplies For Secure Storage Of Goods

The last days of the move are full of hustle, and at that time, it will be hard to complete the packaging. So, to avoid any mishap or disruption, you should arrange the packaging supplies first. 

It is essential to have all the packaging supplies for tension-free packaging. 

If you arrange everything at the start, then you won’t be looking for tape and scissors instead of doing your work of packing every material.

The essential things you should keep ready for packaging are:

  • Arrange boxes of various sizes, big or small. The boxes should be of different shapes.
  • You should also check whether you have enough tape or not. You may need brown packaging tape and cello tape too.
  • Get good bundles of bubble wrap. 
  • Buy some fillers, foams, and newspapers to pack with safety.
  • Get different-sized labels to paste on the boxes to make it easy for you to find any box out of them all.
  • Colorful markers or pens.
  • Scissors to cut even thick boxes.

4. Organise A Room For Storage

As you have now packed everything, it is the right time to store all the objects in a safe place until you take them with you to the new house.

In our best interest, you keep all those boxes in a separate room for storage. Just keep all the boxes there safely and do not displace them anywhere else. 

This is how it will be a great feeling on the last day when you will take all the boxes out

    5. Use Smart Packing Tricks For Storage

    Packaging is the hero of any move. If you do not do it smartly, everything will eventually fall. Your belongings need to be safe and secure, and for that, you should use some fantastic tricks which we have mentioned for you:

    • Do not over-pack your items. This is one of the most important tips anyone can give you. Do not cover the items with unnecessary four or five sheets of wrapping paper because it doesn’t make sense in the move. Instead of just making that box extra heavy and oversized. It is also important because, in the end, someone will lift that box in the vehicle or out of it during the loading and unloading, so at that moment, it will become complicated for that person to do this due to the heaviness of the box. 
    • Yes! Pack the same items with each other. You must pack similar items which belong to the same section of the house. For example, kitchen essentials like utensils should be kept in one box. 
    • The selection of the correct box for packing is essential. You must keep the smaller boxes inside one big box. This is how you will achieve your goal of not occupying much and even saving space for other things.

    6. Book Storage Units From Your Removalists

    Yes! Some people have storage units where they can keep their boxes or belongings, but everyone doesn’t need to have them. If you do not have a storage unit, it is best to keep it with your removalists.

    Many moving companies Australia offer this service for storage units. If the client does not have enough extra space, then the moving company provides services of storage units as well. You can easily store the big or small possessions in their units until moving.

    Let us explain this to you, if your own storage space is not that big, it will be challenging to keep those items because they will overflow quickly.

    Therefore, hiring storage space for a few days is always suggested. These storage units are a perfect place to keep belongings in any season.

    If we are right and this is your case, you must hire storage space, and as we have already mentioned above, you can ask your removalists about their own storage space.


    The process of moving can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make it easier and safer. Before you start packing, plan which belongings you want to take with you and declutter the rest. Get the necessary packing supplies early on and use them wisely, being mindful of not overpacking boxes. Consider booking a storage unit from your removalists to keep your belongings organized and safe. By following these smart tips, you can ensure a smoother and stress-free move to your new home.

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