When moving your home or office, last-minute hassles can throw you off schedule. Deciding what to pack and leave behind can often contribute to this. It can be challenging to let go of items you’ve had for a long time, but making these decisions ahead of time can save you a lot of trouble during the move.

By sorting your belongings, you can not only save money on your moving budget but also ensure that you remember all valuable items amidst the chaos of relocation. As office removalists in Adelaide, we understand the importance of a well-planned and organized move.

In this blog, we have shared the best tips and tricks to sort your goods before the move and a list of 5 commonly forgotten items when people relocate to a new place.

Sort And De-clutter Your Goods Before Moving

If you have valuable heirlooms and antiques that you won’t be able to transport, now is the time to give them to family members or friends. You have to simplify moving and sell the unwanted or oddly designed items at some point to make the relocation easy and cost-effective.

With these given below prioritization tips, you can offset moving costs, reduce clutter, and make moving easier before and after arrival.

Plan A Backyard Sale

To sell out those items which you are moving, you can organise a backyard sale or garage sale. Wait for nice weather, arrange all the items for the sale and ask the local people to visit there.

Remember that most families are free to visit on weekends, so making your place welcoming will help you attract more customers.

If you’re a member of a homeowner’s association or a neighborhood, you’ll get the best results if you work together.

You could also sell your items online. The famous website like eBay or post on Facebook Marketplace, create your own Facebook posts for friends and family.

Great photography and detailed descriptions of your items will go a long way, and you can always choose to mail the items or offer in-person pickup.

After the successful completion of the backyard sale, donate or dispose of the broken or any items you don’t want to sell.

Coats, blankets, gently used clothing, furniture, office equipment, and kitchen appliances are frequently resold. These kinds of donations can benefit a family for years, and they can even provide tax breaks at the end of the year.

Most Common Items People Forget When Moving

Even if you’re well-organized and have detailed packing lists, it’s easy to forget certain items when moving from one place to another.

When you hire the professional moving company to pick up your belongings and transport them to your new place, double-check this list to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything.

To assist you with your next move, we have researched and compiled the top 5 items most frequently left behind by homeowners when they relocate, and it isn’t always furniture! We hope this information is helpful to you.

1. Box Of Essential Items

Pack a box with essentials such as paper plates and plastic cutlery, a shower curtain, soap, utility knives, essential tools, and anything else you’ll need on your first night in your new home.

It will take some time to adjust to your new surroundings once you arrive. Carry this essential box in your car to have everything you need if you arrive ahead of the moving company.

It is ubiquitous for some items to be left behind! With all of the stress of moving and packing, it’s understandable that cutlery in the dishwasher is easily overlooked.

Make one last scan of all drawers before you leave. Don’t overlook the washing machine!

2. Items In Storage Units

When you are moving, ensure you have picked out everything from the storage units. Sometimes people forget about their goods in the storage rooms and left behind them.

The moving company will only collect items from the places you specify, so don’t leave your required item for new home in storage units because you forgot to check for them.

3. Clothes

Have you gone through every single one of your closets?

Go through all of the rooms and closets again; you might find a few items there! Also, check-in there.

If you’ve left clothing at the cleaners, make sure to pick it up before moving day so it doesn’t get lost. Confirm that anything dropped off for repairs is also picked up. Shoes, jewelry, and electronics are frequently left at the repair shop.

With the stress of moving, many people rush out the door, concentrating on more significant issues rather than smaller ones. Therefore check all the corner of your place.

4. Importance Home/Office Documents

While it’s unlikely you’ll forget to bring your passport, insurance documents, birth certificates, and other essential documents to your new home, it’s easy to misplace them. Please keep all of your crucial documents in one place and transport them yourself rather than using a moving company.

You’ll need many of these documents to settle in after your move, and you don’t want to waste time looking for them among the boxes.

Before you leave, take a look behind some of those awkward spaces!

5. Hidden Items

Have you kept anything hidden around your house for safekeeping? Remember to retrieve cash, jewelry, or other valuables that you may have stashed in a hidden location.

Don’t forget to look for the secret house keys outside. Even if the new occupants change the locks, having all the old keys will be helpful.

Money has been discovered stashed behind radiators, walls, and in those ‘safe hiding places’ that we create! Again, I’m not sure how anyone could abandon money. However, this is one of the most commonly left-behind items.

A professional removalist team, such as, can help take the stress out of moving by ensuring that nothing is left behind. But you have to take care of your essential, especially money to not forget when you move.


To summarise, we believe it is critical to plan your relocation well before the event. And ultimately, all of these reminders are meant to help you reduce stress.

Hopefully, this blog will help you remember the frequently forgotten things during a move – specifically, your move! Even if you hire full-service house movers, you are still responsible for ensuring that every item in your home is moved, so go over the information above to make your move as stress-free.

And, of course, we’ll be here to assist with anything else!

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