An office move needs to be more organized than a house move. An office move cannot afford the delay at any cost. If you keep it on hold for a long time, you will suffer professionally. There are essential furniture items in an office that have their importance, and they need a unique eye to be taken care of. Such furniture is like a conference table.

Moving a conference table from one place to another is very tough. It is also an extremely challenging task to complete. It needs good planning even to lift such a big conference table. 

Yes! People want their conference tables to be relocated from one place to another. It is not just about moving; even installing these tables is very tough. That is why people start worrying just after even thinking about it.

If you plan to relocate your office to a new address in Adelaide, hiring professional office removalists is essential to ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving process. Additionally, consider moving your conference table as it is a crucial element in every professional work meeting and completes the overall look of your official workplace.

A conference table is not just of enormous size. It is cumbersome too, and fragile. There is not only the weight of wood in a table, but it also has a thick heavy top of glass or sometimes granite which can easily get broken. It is perilous to move it. 

So, we have mentioned some fantastic tips for you below to make this move easier for you.

Make Protection Of Your Conference Table Priority

No matter how much you have gained experience in moving, in the end, it is all about protecting your belongings during a move.

We need to understand that every step of ours can cost us a lot. There are very high chances that you might damage the conference table.

There is always a risk factor hanging in front of your face during any move because whenever you load or unload the table, it is more about how you are protecting all of them. It can be anything through which you maintain the protection and security of your table. 

You may use some extra hands of labor to lift such a big table to avoid damage or any destruction. But, here the most important thing is that you should keep on finding ways to keep the conference table as it is in the whole move.

Take Help Unapologetically

This is one essential life skill that you must not feel shy about before asking anyone for their help in your work. This is how the world works, that people keep on helping each other.

A conference table is enormous and also very much heavy. Because of being irregular-sized and bulky, it is impossible for a single person even to move an inch of the conference table.

The average size of a conference table is 12ft long. Generally, a conference table can be of 10 seats so that ten people can sit at one time during an office meeting. 

So, you should ask your friends and family members if they can help you with the moving of a big conference table. Tell them that it is enormous and you need them to come over to your place and help you move. Extra hands will be very beneficial for you to ease your work.

Lay Mattress To Protect Floor From Scratches

Understand one thing: a conference table is very irregular in shape. It has edges, and it isn’t easy to take it out from any door or even downstairs. When you separate the top made of glass from the lower wooden part, it can turn to one side while lifting it.

The table’s edges can also touch the bare floor with force. It is essential to lay a padded mattress on the floor to avoid any cuts from the wall.

Disassemble The Conference Table For Easy Move

When many people use their strength to move one big table, it is possible to do it in one single piece. But, if fewer people hold the table, then there is no chance that you can move it in one piece. It becomes essential to disassemble the table into sections, and then you people can move it in two or three rounds.

When you bought the conference table for your office, was it assembled before installation that day?

Also, it mainly depends on how far you are planning to take the table. If it is about to move the table only a few feet from the previous position, you do not need to disassemble it. But, if you want to move it to another place, you should disassemble it to make it easier for you to take the pedestals. 

Do not just drag the table onto the floor! 

Make sure you do not forget any part of the hardware at the last place because after reaching the new location, you have to assemble the table again, and it will not be possible without any missing parts. So, it is heartily suggested that you keep all of the parts in a single plastic bag and do not forget to label it.

Check The Manual For Correct Information

Every piece of furniture or any hardware item comes with a manual in which all functions are written. As now you are about to move the conference table, it is best if you can go through the practical manual once. Read all the functions of different parts of the table and their instructions on how to assemble them all to make one.

If you do not have it, ask the manufacturer to send it to you. A manual is essential to ensure that you are assembling the table correctly. It will also save you time in guessing the parts and their assembly.

Rent A Storage Unit From Your Moving Company

It is not always necessary that everyone have to move their conference table immediately to the new office. They need some extra space or temporary storage units to store the conference table safely. Not everybody can even afford to buy a new space for storage. Also, in most moving cases, there can be conflicts between the moving date and time schedules.

Therefore, the best thing you should do at this time has just put that table in a storage unit of your removalist company. If you do not have enough extra space to store such a big conference table, then you can even have the option to rent a storage unit for some time. You can even keep any of your other possessions for the long term. Nowadays, many moving companies provide their clients with this service of storage space. 

Get Help From Office Furniture Removalists

An excellent solution regarding the conference table move is hiring office furniture in Adelaide. A moving company has good knowledge about such challenging tasks of the move.

They have the idea about how they can use tricks to lift or load any irregular-shaped and heavyweight object, such as a conference table. Before hiring any Furniture movers, make sure that you check all of their policies and services.

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