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Many tasks are to be done on a moving day, but remember the essential kit in the overwhelming list of tasks. This is the first task that you should start your moving with. The necessary box is significant for your comfort once you move to the new property.

After moving to a new house, the last thing you want is to go through every bag for that one item you need. It can be your car key or a kitchen plate.

When you’re packing for your house removals in Adelaide, creating an ‘essential kit’ or a box containing only the little things you use daily is essential. This kit should be packed last and kept in the trunk or cab of your removalist’s vehicle so that it’s the first thing you can access when you arrive at your new home. Moving can be a chaotic experience, but you can minimize the chaos by having an essential moving box that immediately contains the items you need.

Table of Contents

So Here Are Some Things That Should Be In Your Moving Day Essential Kit.

1. Comfortable Clothes

Moving is a very chaotic process so when you start picking items for the essential box starts simply with comfortable clothes. Then, as you lift and shift heavy objects, wear something loose for the move and grab an extra pair.

When you move to the new place, you probably won’t be in the mood to open up the boxes of all your clothes, so it is better to have a few pairs of comfortable clothes for changing instantly,

You can pack their clothes too, according to available space if you have children.

2. Important Documents

Documents are everything, and you would want them to be secured and near you during the whole move, so include important documents in your essential kit.

You want them to stay intact and be included in the packing process. So have a backup digitally, and here is the document list you should take note of:

  • Passports and visas
  • birth certificates or adoption papers
  • credit and debit cards
  • ownership documents or leases for both your old and new home
  • driver’s licenses and vehicle registration
  • health insurance cards
  • Medical records for every family member (pets, too – especially if you’re moving internationally!)
  • If your phone’s battery gets drained or you lose your phone, for this, you can also have emergency contacts noted somewhere on a page. 

3. Toiletries

Moving is hard work, especially in summer. It can be hot, and you’ll be all sweaty, so pack your favorite toiletries. These include deodorant, shampoo, cologne, toothpaste and brushes, moisturizer or hand lotion, and sunscreen. In addition, you should also pack tissues, toilet paper, diapers, and feminine hygiene products.

4. Chargers of all devices

Cell phones and other devices are essential during a move or in emergencies to get help. These devices are life savers. Phones help you make crucial calls while shifting and stay connected to your removalist for support or queries.

If there’s a long move, all your devices will run out of battery, so you will want to charge your phone, tablet, and laptop as soon as you reach the new home.

So make sure to pack your chargers, adaptors, and power bank. A family with many electronic items should pack these into their essential moving box.

5. Valuable items

Whatever items you want, like jewelry, heirloom family photos, or some personal musical instrument or piece of art, are valuable items that need more safety. If you are uncomfortable with moving companies, you can add this to your essential item list, which will also give you peace of mind.

But to pack these, you should take your time, so they stay intact during transport.

6. Kitchen items

The kitchen is a separate space that has its essential items list. Let’s start with your travel food. You would need a healthy snack and a water bottle for the route. If you prefer to make food for yourselves in the new place, put a few essential items like a can opener, an electric kettle, a knife, coffee or tea, some instant soup and noodles, and preferred breakfast foods.

You can also order a few meals at a new place, but these items would come in handy after that.

7. Health products

Nothing is more important than your health. So if you are on medicine, stock up on your health kit. You can add a small first aid kit, all prescribed drugs, and other medication or supplements you take every day. Pack some painkillers too, as you’ll be doing much heavy lifting.

8. Bedtime supplies

All the bed-related items would need a separate box. Packaging items like sheets, blankets, and pillows (according to family members) will come in handy once you finish all day’s hard work. Make sure that this box is easily reachable and recognizable.

9. Kids’ toys and other comfort objects

Small kids get stressed during the move, so they need their favorite toys or objects to calm them down, like a teddy or a blanket. So they will start playing with these items, which will change their mood. Nightlights also help kids feel more secure in new and strange surroundings.

10. Cleaning supplies

Even if previous owners have cleaned the house for you, there will still be some areas of the home you would want to clean yourself.

Here are a few cleaning supplies you’ll want to pack:

11. Pet supplies

Your pets also need to be taken care of when they are moving, and packing their supplies is also essential for you as a pet owner. Their supplies include food and water. Changing their diet for a day or two will impact their health, and in the moving time, you want to avoid burdening yourself with the vet check. So pack their comfort food, clothing, and toys to distract them. 

Also, another essential item would be a collar, leash, and familiar bedding, and some must-haves are a litter box or cage liner.

12. Important tools

Make sure to add some tools too to your essential kit, like a box cutter, which is very important once you reach the destination to open up the boxes. Otherwise, you’ll look for it somewhere, wasting your time. Other essential tools are:

  • Hammer
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • safety pins
  • Roll of duct tape

These are also good to have items that will come in handy.

13. Entertainment stuff

After all the work and the end of a hectic day, you will be tired and want to relax. So plan and add all your favorite books, movies, games, or other entertainment stuff to your essential kit list to have a great time.

To Conclude

As previously stated, there are numerous benefits and drawbacks to shared living arrangements. Finally, you should carefully weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages of flat-sharing to determine whether this is the best option for you or if you prefer to live alone.

For more information or if you are moving your flat or shared apartment in Adelaide, contact our house and apartments removals team for a safe and secure relocation of your belongings at cheap rates.

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