As we all know, coronavirus is rapidly spreading all over the world. In that case, moving or shifting to a new place is a whole new challenge and a bigger one.

Moving completely to a different place is always a strenuous process, but nowadays, it demands a whole new level of preparedness.

Without taking the right level of precautions, anyone can get infected while moving from one place to another and could infect other people also, which is dangerous.

If it is necessary to move, then make sure everything related to your move and health should be fine.

However, when people move their house or business during this pandemic, the struggle starts with finding a moving company that is genuinely following the safety guidelines.

While moving to the interstate of Adelaide during this covid-19 pandemic requires permission from the legal bodies of Adelaide for a hassle-free move.

Most Movers encompass all the guidelines and provisions of national and international regulatory bodies for movers.

These bodies help protect the customer, support border regulations, and create better outcomes for the customers as well as movers.

Precautions Taken By Professional Movers To Avoid Infection of Coronavirus

We are taking extra precautions during the pandemic. Here are the safety steps that we are taking:

  • Frequent cleaning of the restrooms, counter-tops, and equipment
  • Periodically temperature checking for the movers
  • Using hand sanitizers frequently in the office
  • Using personal protection wears, like masks, face shields, and hand gloves
  • Disinfecting the tools and machines, like trolleys, dollies, etc., after every use
  • Using freshly purchased packing supplies as always
  • Encouraging online discussions
  • Maintaining social distancing at the workplace and during the move
  • Stocking the moving vehicle with hygiene products
  • Sanitizing the moving vehicle interiors and exterior

How can you stay protected during the pandemic?

As a removal service provider, we are taking all the necessary precautions and measures to provide our customers with safe and secure moving and professional cleaning services in Adelaide.

But as a customer, you should also focus on some major points for yourself and your family from the coronavirus infection and the stress of moving. Here are some things you should consider during this covid-19 pandemic:

Get Contactless Or Virtual Quotes

It’s important to maintain social distancing and allow ourselves to do major tasks from home only. Finding a mover that provides virtual quotes will help in keeping the main discussions from afar and continue through video and audio calls.

There are many professional removalists like A Class Movers in Adelaide that are offering on-screen quotes to ease out the process and execute a contactless pre-move survey for the sake of protection.

You can call or mail the certified moving company for the required removal service and ask them for free online quotes. Give clear and proper information about your move to get the best-estimated price of your move, and you can ask for discounts also.

Ask Your Movers About Covid Protection Measures

Before selecting your movers, ask them about their protection measures against the coronavirus. Ask them about the extra safety measures they are taking to protect their movers, goods, and clients while on the move.

Do not spare any effort in knowing all the details. Only after confirming should you book your movers. Also, ask about their cancellation policy and required border permissions if you are moving interstates.

In the times of the pandemic, many professional furniture removalists in Adelaide have streamlined their policies and made their attempts on making it suit the uncertainty. Make sure you have read their cancellation policy thoroughly.

Limit The Number Of Movers

Try and cut down the number of movers who are going to execute or move your goods. Even if it’s a long-distance move, try and limit the number of movers.

Make sure your removalists company is providing you with a limited number of well-trained movers who are vaccinated and healthy, not prioritizing the money.

The fewer people in your house, the more protection and safety can be upheld. The chances of the spread of germs and viruses decrease as you ensure limited people in your house.

Maintain social distancing

Do not allow more people to enter your place. Even after getting a fully aware and safe removalist, do not forget to maintain social distance with your movers.

Always try to give instructions from at least 2m away from your movers. It has been recommended to be followed in the workplace, and avoid the gathering of 8 to 10 people at a place.

You should avoid your home being crowded all at once. That is why limiting the number of movers is important. If you are relocating a 2-bedroom apartment, then 4-5 trained and experienced movers are more than enough, and with some people, you can also manage social distancing and removal work very easily.

Book Storage Service As A Backup

If you are moving interstate during the time of the pandemic, the smart thing to do is prepare for a backup. When hiring Interstate Removalists in Adelaide, there are still a lot of uncertainties, whether you will be allowed to take your belongings across the other state.

So to prevent the risk, you should have a storage service booked so that you can store your belongings at the nearest place.

Ask your movers about the storage services available and only book according to convenient reach and flexible policy.

By flexible policy, we mean you should be able to cancel it if it feels like there isn’t a use. Read the refund policy carefully.

Clean Your Place Before And After Moving

To avoid the spread of germs and viruses, you need to make sure that your belongings are disinfected. You would not want to take the germs with you to your new place.

We recommend you use professional cleaning services to make your new place disinfected and sanitized properly before you start living there.

Make sure to avoid more people coming to your place, and limit the number of cleaners also. If you are moving but have to pack your belongings on your own, you can clean them as you pack.

Make sure to pack your belongings at least 24 hours before your movers arrive for carriage and to move. If you have booked professional movers and packers, make sure that you wipe out your belongings before the packaging.

Practice hygiene and control the chances of infections

You have to make a few extra efforts and provide your movers with sanitizers and protection wears. Even though the movers have come up with all the safety wears, tell them to sanitize frequently while doing their work.

You yourself should practice hygiene on a daily basis to mitigate the risk of spread and control the chances of infections.

How Will Adelaide Movers Protect Your Move From Coronavirus?

Whether it’s a virtual quote or our easy cancellation policy, our Cheap Adelaide Removalists are trying our level best not to bother our clients on the front of getting what they are looking for.

Knowing that the safety and protection of our clients is something that should be on the top of our priority list, we are assuring easily accessible and flexible moving services.

Our House Removalists Adelaide have chopped off a lot of the steps and made our booking process more streamlined and smooth.

Now, customers can straight off just call and get the quotes on-screen while continuing all the important discussions via phone.

The only recommendation regarding the cancellation policy, which is quite important, seeing the uncertainties, is that if you want to cancel the moving services, do it earlier rather than later.

As soon as you get the thought of postponing the service, make sure not to delay more and contact Mover’s customer support for an easy cancellation.

Our customer support staff is available 24*7 to fill the gap in communication. You can contact us anytime and get all the important information on our policy changes.


A Class Movers understand its clients moving necessities during this covid-19 pandemic, which is why we are taking all the important and effective precautions to safeguard our clients’ move and our hardworking movers.

By taking all of the above precautions, one can easily move house and office during this pandemic without getting infected.

We take pride in saying that A Class Movers is a leading name in the Adelaide removalists industry.

We are taking up all the safety measures and ensuring that all our Mover’s team members are vaccinated and safe from coronavirus, and we won’t stop serving the people with the best quality moving and cleaning services in Adelaide, Australia.

If you are also planning to move your house or business and are afraid of getting infected, then hire A Class Movers professional house removalists service or office removalists service and cleaning services for safe and damage-free removal. We are still operating 24*7. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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