Carrying heavy objects, moving them elsewhere is a seriously difficult and risky task. For relocating these types of objects, professional moving companies came into play.

One of the most tricky objects found in most of the homes of Adelaide is a pool table. Moving a pool table is not an easy job because of its weight, dimension and fragile nature.

To carry out pool table removals, one requires lots of things and good understanding of the parts of the pool table. Therefore, We always suggest people to choose the cheapest and best pool table removal company if they have not safely moved their pool table before.

If you can’t hire any expert, then the other option is to understand and learn how to move a pool table safely, no matter short or long-distance.

Understanding how to execute DIY pool table removals is the first and most important step before the actual relocation.

As without the right knowledge of the tricks and techniques of moving heavy and delicate goods you may harm the object and yourself too.

Heavy objects like a pool table demand complete dismantling, right tools and good strength, so that no piece of pool table falls apart.

DIY jobs can be exciting as you have all control over the move but hiring professional pool table removalists is more peaceful and relaxing.

A Class Movers in Adelaide is also one the top-rated pool table removal company which is providing the 100% satisfactory service to its customers. Moving heavy to heavy objects efficiently with no damage is an easy task for removalists of A Class Movers.

However, if you want to take this task of moving a pool table in your own hands, then you must have a good team of your friends and family members to assist you in your moving journey.

They should have required skills of removing and dismantling a pool table. Still if you are a beginner and want to go for a DIY move for any reason, then do not to worry.

In this section of the blog, the professionals of A Class Movers will guide you on how you can safely move your pool table to short and long distances.

What Are The Necessities DIY Pool Table Removal?

Moving a pool table by yourself requires a lot of skills and understanding, as you and your friends are not an expert of pool table removals. Here are the most necessary things that one seriously need for safe removal of heavy pool table:

1. Knowledge About The Pool Table: Before moving you must check the type of your pool table, is it a single slate, 2-slate or 3-slate pool table?

What parts of your pool table are detachable? Because of the right knowledge of your pool table you can easily organize a good moving plan for it. It is important to plan your move as early as possible.

2. Good Muscled Team: It is the most considerable factor when you choose to move your heavy pool table by yourself. Assist some strong and organized people(it can be your friends, neighbors, or family members) who can hold and move large objects like a pool table carefully. Try to ask help from them who have experience of moving heavy furniture, fragiles and antiques.

3. Patience And Time: Majority of people do not consider this factor or it skips from their thought. Because everyone wants to move quickly, settle down and relax. But this haste may lead to poor removal and severe damage to the goods.

Especially when you are moving your pool table by yourself, then keep this thought in your mind that pool table removals take time and patience.

If you want on time removal, then try to start the process early or hire the professional removalists if you are in too hurry.

4. Specialist Skills, Tools And Packing Supplies: Moving a pool table is the toughest part of relocation and without these three things you can not expect for safe removal of your pool table.

Good quality packing material is necessary to safeguard your valuable pool table during the transit and expert skills and tools help you to disassemble and load the pool table into the truck easily and effortlessly.

Steps To Execute A DIY Pool Table Removal

Whether you are moving to the locals or interstate of Adelaide, moving a pool table only seems simple but genuinely it is very difficult when it comes to the execution part.

Keep this thing in your mind that pool table removal is not like moving a dining table or other household furniture.

It has its own series of steps and which must be followed accurately. Here we have mentioned the complete process of moving a pool table or billiard table by yourself:

Step 1: First pack all the accessories of your pool table like the stick, balls, etc into a moving box and label it. No pool table or billiard table is complete without all the balls and the stick. Therefore, it is important to secure these things before going to the next step.

Step 2: Take out all the parts of the pool table. In the moving industry, this step is called dismantling or disassembling of the removable parts.

Moving a whole pool table is quite difficult to manage and can harm you and your pool table. Therefore, before moving and packing, it is important to disassemble all the detachable parts like the slate, felt, rails, pockets, legs, etc  of your pool table.

Step 3: Start dismantling from removing the rails. Remove each rail by flipping your pool table carefully. Take help of one or two people who can help you in turning the pool table. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts of the rail quickly.

Step 4: Removal of felt is the most tricky part of the pool table relocation process. It is quite time-consuming and needs patience and steady hands for removing it.

If the felt is attached with the help of staple pins, then remove these pins carefully with a suitable tool.

And if it is attached with glue then gently rip it off. Take care while you are doing this job, because one wrong step can ruin your felt and you can’t use it anymore.

Step 5: At the fourth step, take off the slate of your pool table or billiard table by using a power drill carefully. The slate is also one of the heaviest parts of a pool table, if it is all in one piece. Therefore, to remove the slate you need a good strong team of people who can lift your heavy slate easily.

If you are having a 2-slate or 3-slate pool table then you also need to dismantle the slate in simpler pieces for easy handling.

Step 6: After complete disassembling of the pool table, it’s time to pack and label each part properly. Use good quality packing supplies if you really want to make your move safe and reliable. Secure all the nuts and bolts into a sealed bag and label it properly.

Pack the pool table wooden piece with bubble wraps and moving blankets, secure its packing with lots of strong tape. Don’t forget to label each part of the pool table. Labelling will help you to reassemble the pool table quickly.

Step 7: The last step is to load your pool table with utmost care and safety. Never try to load all the packed piece of pool table alone, it can be dangerous for you and your pool table too. Ask your team to handle this part of pool table relocation together.

After placing each piece into the moving vehicle, fill the gaps with air pillows to provide extra cushioning and protection from the jerks during the transit.

If you are not able to execute this step, then must hire a man and van moving service for safe loading and moving of your pool table without any damage and hassle.

Not Your Type Of Job – Hire The Professionals

Moving heavy objects even to the locals of your area is not an easy task. And when it comes to moving a large and fragile pool table this becomes more tough and complex.

If you don’t feel that you can execute DIY pool table removal, then please hire professional pool table movers to avoid unwanted injuries and damage to your pool table.

Professional movers like A Class Movers have great experience in moving this kind of heavy objects and they are well-trained for all types of  relocation needs.

They can provide you with cheap and best moving services with no damage at the end of the removal. After all, choosing professional movers has its own distinct advantages:

  • You will get more time to do other work related to your move
  • Feel relaxed and stress-free
  • Don’t need to disassemble and load the pool table
  • Insured removal assures safety and proper valuation of your pool table
  • You don’t need to gather any packing supplies and moving related tools
  • Safe storage facility whenever required

As we said earlier, moving a pool table looks simple but it is tricky and tough. Leaving your stress of pool table removal on the experts of the field is the best option always Because even disassembling some pieces of a pool table is not so easy.

The best pool table moving company assists you properly and serves 100% satisfactory service to you by their excellent packing and moving skills.

A Class Movers is also one of the best companies in Adelaide, providing a wide range of moving and cleaning services throughout Australia.

You can contact us anytime for any kind of query related to our removal and storage facility. For an instant free quote-

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