Congratulations on your upcoming relocation to Adelaide; now is the time to let everyone know! However, it’s important to also start preparing for your move, especially if you are in need of house removalists in Adelaide.

Create an address change checklist to ensure you inform all necessary parties of your new address and how they can reach you. When you relocate, it’s not just your friends and family that need to know. A slew of other organizations and businesses require your new address.

That’s why we made this checklist, so you can keep track of who you’ve informed about your new address and who you haven’t. And if you’re in need of house removalists in Adelaide, be sure to add that to your checklist and start researching and contacting potential companies to help make your move as smooth as possible.

Address Change Notification At Workplace

Employer: Not only does your employer need to know about a change of address to update your contact information, but they also need to know for payroll purposes.

Inland Revenue: Inland Revenue is one of the most crucial institutions to notify when you change your address. They’ll need this information for your taxes, and you can learn how to update it on government site.

Assurance Nationale: Your employer all want your National Insurance (NI) number, which the government commonly uses to identify you. That means it’s critical to keep your national insurance information up to current. You can look out the phone number and hours of operation on the internet, but you’ll need your NI number to complete the process.

Address Change Notification To Local Authorities 

Council tax You’ll need to visit the government site for your move to amend your Council Tax address. For example, each website has its unique form for altering your address.

Electoral Roll: If you move, you’ll need to re-register with your new address on the Electoral Roll for your new area. Visit the government site for voter registration for further information.

Department Of Work & Pensions: If you receive government funds, you must also update your address information with the Department of Work and Pensions. This can be done by phoning the proper helpline over the phone. You can get the phone numbers you’ll need here.

Address Change Notification To Utility Service Providers

Cable/Satellite Services Provider: For billing purposes and to update your contact information, you should notify them of your change of address. Before you update this information, double-check whether your new home will require the installation of a new satellite dish or cable. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for services you won’t be able to use.

Telephone Services Provider: If you have a landline, you’ll need to notify the phone company that you’re moving because you’ll get a new phone number for the new property – this can usually be done simultaneously with your broadband installation. You will need to update your address for your mobile phone so that they can send the bill to the correct address, which you can do online.

Broadband Services Provider: You may also wish to cancel your broadband subscription because you will almost certainly be able to get a better deal when you move to your new home, and you will have to call them to transfer your deal to the new property anyway.

Address Change Notification To Schools & Colleges 

Schools: If you have children, you should notify their schools that you will be moving so that they can update your contact information. This is also a brilliant idea because it is crucial to maintain your children’s education up to date. After all, changing homes might be traumatic for them.

Private colleges and universities will also need your address to send over tuition funds for each semester or year, so it’s crucial to furnish them with your new address if you plan to use them after the transfer.

Address Change Notification To Doctor & Vet

If your address changes, you may be required to change doctors. This implies that your current doctor will have to forward your medical records to your new doctor (this also applies to dentists, optometrists, and veterinarians). It’s good acquiring their contact information and let them know when you’ll be relocating if you have a check-up before you move; you can then provide your old doctor with your new doctor’s information (or vice versa).

  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Opticians
  • Vet

Address Change Notification At Insurance Office 

Most insurers will need to know when you move to a new home because they use your postcode to calculate your premium and cost of coverage. If you reside in a somewhat more ‘risky’ location, your insurance will likely rise (and vice versa. If you relocate to a less ‘risky’ area, it will fall).

On the other hand, some insurance policies aren’t dependent on where you live and will only require your new address to update your contact information and modify where your invoices are sent. To notify your insurers of a change of address, go to each of their websites or phone them and request a change of address update.

  • Health insurance
  • Home/Contents Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Pet Insurance

Address Change Notification To Essential Services Providers

If you have hiring any moving company in Adelaide to help you with property maintenance, you should cancel their services before moving to your new residence.

If you are moving or relocating to a nearby location, you might be able to employ them to assist you at your new home – make sure you inform them of your new address.

Even when you’re moving a long distance, don’t forget to cancel any local gym or club memberships that you won’t be using anymore. You can do this over the phone or when you pay them a final visit before your move.

You’ll also want to contact any postal subscriptions you have and let them know when you’ll be moving to your new location so they can begin mailing items to your new address.

  • Cleaner
  • Gardener
  • Maid
  • Cook
  • Newspaper/Magazine Subscriptions 
  • Health Club/Gym
  • Societies and clubs


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