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Organizing and planning make every process more accessible as it involves breaking down the problem into parts. Moving gets very hectic with all the different tasks involved. Especially after moving, there is chaos in the new place, so with some planning, you can start unpacking things in order and settling down.

If you’ve recently moved your office and hired professional office removalists in Adelaide, you’ll still need to figure out how to unpack once your items are unloaded. We will share some tips and tricks to help you prioritize and organize your unpacking process amidst the chaos of moving.

Here Are Some Methods To Unpack And Organize Your Home After Moving 

Start Early And Clean

To stay organized during a move, you should know how early to start packing as it is time-consuming. So you want to fill it promptly. If you begin packing late after the move, the unpacking of your items will be messy.

Having a schedule can help you in handling an overwhelming task. You can set daily goals to pack a room. How early should you start packing? It depends on the size of the room and the number of items.

To unpack at a new place, you can assign every family member a room to finish it quickly.

Now to organize your home, or anything for that matter, start with a clean slate. If you are one of the lucky movers whose previous owners cleaned it for you, that means you have less cleaning to do, but if you are unlucky, start cleaning first room by room. You will be shocked to see how a clean house makes you feel settled.

Now you can get professional help from your movers for the cleaning but if you want to do it yourself, here is a quick guide. 

  • Start with gathering all cleaning supplies and put them in the cart to take them out quickly.
  • Dust from top to bottom.
  • After dusting, you should vacuum.
  • Clean the refrigerator, bathroom, door knobs, and light switches too.


To unpack quickly, you must pack very smartly. So to unpack, first, you must know what item is in which box; that is why labeling is essential. It is a huge time saver while unpacking. So while packing, you can label boxes room-wise and put the room name on every package. Furthermore, you can briefly describe what is inside the box. To avoid damage, write on fragile boxes too.

Remove Unnecessary Items

If you pack very smartly, you will be organized after moving, and a great way to do that is to remove the unnecessary item as you fill. Removing items makes unpacking more accessible, as there will be fewer items to pack or unpack. So what to do with unwanted items? You can give them away for charity if they are usable; otherwise, throw them in the trash.

Kitchen Stuff

After moving to a new house, the kitchen should be one of the first rooms you should unpack. Here are some tips to unpack and organize stuff in the kitchen.

  • The first few items you unpack should be essential, like dish towels, oven mitts, and flatware.
  • Put essential items in the most accessible drawers as you would need them the most. Often used Cookware like pots and pans should be placed in cabinets beside the oven. Same thing for unpacking dinnerware: place items you’ll use more often, such as coffee mugs, plates, or bowls, on lower shelves so that you can access them easily.
  • You can also save space in the kitchen by placing flat pans in the drawer underneath the stove.
  • All dishwashing materials like soap, sponges, and cleaning spray can be placed under the sink. Poisonous cleaning supplies should be kept on a higher shelf, away from the reach of kids and pets.

Unpacking Children’s Bedroom

If you have children, then you should unpack their room first. Moving is extra stressful and confusing for kids, so they need to settle in a new place and feel normal. When they see their room unpacked, it will bring them some sense of calm and comfort. Unpacking their room and settling them first would also be less chaotic and trouble for you later.

  • If you have a newborn, set up their nursery’s essential furnishings first-such as the Changing table, diaper pail, and rocking chair.
  • Movers will reassemble your beds and cribs for you. After that, make the beds with clean sheets and pillows.
  • Also, find a designated drawer or basket for diapers, baby toys, and other baby supplies.
  • Utilize closet hangers. It will help if you put children’s clothes in separate drawers. Put their toys in a basket, and if you can’t find one, use one of the emptied unpacked boxes.
  • You can quickly unpack children’s rooms as they are the easiest. There is only less to organize besides beds and toys.

Organize Electrics

It would help if you got this task done quickly; otherwise, your house would be messy. Some tips to organize

  • Designate a drawer or basket to store cords. Wrap them properly before putting them in a drawer so you find them entangled when you open them next.
  • Buy a cord control kit in case you have a lot of different cords all plugged into the same area. The kit also has essential color-coded labels for each cable.

Create A Closet

Designate a closet for all of your bath towels and bedroom sheets. These items often get lost in the shuffle of packing everything else. Unfortunately, sheets and towels are the most overlooked essential items you’ll need during your first week in a new home.

It would help if you had them as they’ll help you in the shower and sleep. So organize them as quickly as possible.

Here are a few tips for that:

  • First, wash all the towels and sheets to get ready in a new home. Sometimes they get musty from sitting in a box.
  • Fold bath towels and place them in a closet. Order extra shelving in case you need an additional closet.
  • Put toilet paper and other products in a basket inside the closet.
  • Don’t let beach towels get mixed with regular bath towels. Beach towels are used less often, so you can put them on the Highest shelf in the closet.

Clear Traffic From The Entry

The entryway shouldn’t be forgotten when you start to unpack. The entrance could be chaotic if you don’t organize the space. This is the first and the last thing your guests see.

A few organizing tips are :

  • You need to get many hooks. These tools are beneficial. You can keep your keys, hats, dog leashes, and jackets all arranged and off the floor.
  • You can find a small box or a basket for your mail by the door. To avoid mail lying on the floor, this is a good option.
  • To keep the shoes away from the entry passageway, you can get a medium-sized basket or low-rise cubby by the door because that can cause a mess around the area. During the winter months, add a boot tray or drying mat in the entryway. It will help you to keep your boots dry before you put them on again.
  • Also, add an umbrella stand in the corner.

To Conclude

Hope you got the essential tips to pack and move your art collection with complete safety. If require any kind of professional help from expert furniture movers in Adelaide to pack and store fine art and other valuable goods, contact A Class Movers

We offer the best packing and moving services to make the clients moving experience joyful and safe.

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