We all want that our long-distance move could be just about dumping everything into a van. But we all know the reality, it requires at least one month of planning and preparation.

Because the slightest error in the planning process can affect you in the long journey badly. Moving to the interstate with all your goods, heavy and fragile furniture and electronics is very tough.

Along with the safety of your belongings, you have to take care of the safety of yourself and your family.

Therefore, this becomes even more important when you are moving with a family, kid, or pets, you need to have different plans depending upon the situation.

We always suggests that you seek professional help instead of doing the interstate moving because it can cause many problems.

If you also don’t find moving long-distance by yourself safe and reliable then, the best option is to get help from an experienced, reputable, affordable and trustworthy interstate removalists service.

However, if you still want to control and execute your long-distance moving journey by yourself, then some of these expert tips can help you a lot.

Interstate Removalists Adelaide learned various technologies and tricks while performing long-distance moves for our customers so we share those tricks with you.

To make your job easy, we have discussed 8 tips that will help you to prepare for the moving challenges ahead of you and perform a successful experience.

Let’s give you a quick idea about things that you will find in this checklist. It has tips and tricks for conducting the pre-move time, inventory, finding high-quality supplies, and packing everything on time.

Tip 1: Plan Early And Take Your Preparation Time Seriously

The best trick that you can even get on a long-distance move is learning to manage your time carefully. Time management can only happen when you have a proper plan for your interstate moving or a well thought out instructor with you. Let Interstate Removalists Adelaide gives you some tips on your moving preparation:

1. Create a checklist in the sequence of the tasks that need to be performed in the preparation stage of moving. This checklist generally contains information about the packing supplies, change in address, list of things and furniture to give away, etc. It is a kind of to-do list in proper order to manage the steps of interstate relocation.

2. Mark your customized tasks that are required to be done in the specific interstate removals. This contains booking of the moving vehicle, cleaning requirements and what will be required at the new place. Be clear and plan early considering everything important for safe interstate relocation.

Tip 2: Create An Inventory

There are lots of things even in a two-bedroom house and remembering each one of the items is not easy and a smart way to check what you have moved or whatnot.

Many people do not consider this step and end up with some missed and lost goods and furniture at the old location.

Therefore, this is an important step as making an inventory of things that you are moving will help you come with a good planning action. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create an inventory without missing any item.

1. Check room by room and create a list of items found in each room. Mention the smallest to smallest thing and don’t do it in a hurry. Take your time while creating your inventory.

2. After creating your inventory, now divide these listed items into four categories separately: Move, Sell, Donate, and Recycle. This will help you to sort the things properly for the interstate removals without missing anything.

Tip 3: Avoid To Take Old And Damaged Goods And Furniture

Furniture is the heaviest and unmanageable part of every local or interstate moving. Packing and handling furniture can be tricky because of its weight, fragile nature, and complex design. Therefore, choose wisely what furniture you want to take with you and whatnot.

The best way to perform a long-distance is by avoiding the unnecessary and old broken furniture to move with yourself.

Think about it, if you want to move the furniture pieces in terms of cost. As in long-distance or interstate move, the rate is measured based on the shipment weight. And of course, we all know how heavy furniture is.

So the basic idea should be only to avoid the old and faded furniture as it will be cheaper for you to buy a new one rather than carrying this furniture.

You can also look for a reputed interstate furniture removalists service that offers the cheapest way to move furniture long distance.

Tip 4: Remove All Unwanted Things

As we already mentioned above the interstate removals or long-distance moving cost are calculated based on items that you want to move and the total weight of those items.

The truck removal service you hire or rent space in moving trucks will check the weight and size of the furniture and goods and prepare an estimate on this basis before moving.

1. Deduct your cost to move interstate by carrying only those things that you will need in the new house or office.

2. Follow the 1 or half-year use rule to decide if you want to take or leave the item. If you used an item for more than one and a half a year, then maybe it’s time for you to get rid of that item.

3. If you have things that have a commercial value associated with them then you can sell them online.

4. Gift some of the items that are in good condition but you don’t need much to your closed ones or donate them to the needy people.

Tip 5: Get The Best Quality Packing Supplies 

The most difficult task is to pack your items carefully to make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. You can’t find your items damage-free if you don’t pack them with proper care.

For safe and effective long-distance moving, always try to choose the best quality packing supplies.

People go for cheap to save some money but at the end of the complete relocation it results in loss and indirectly it becomes expensive to choose cheap packing material. Therefore, choose the best packing materials because packing is the soul of relocation.

The basic things that are needed for packaging are bubble wrap, cardboard, packing paper, stretch wrap, and tape. Collect all these materials early on so you can get into the packing process as early as possible.

1. Get packing material in advance.

2. Collect all types of moving boxes from online sale or recycling centre.

Tip 6: Don’t Forget To Label Your Items

You may not find it important to label your items as you most probably are in a hurry to get the things packed up as soon as possible but it is very much required.

1. With the help of instructions, label each box with the content.

2. Label all the boxes with the items associated with each room.

The best way to label things without any mistake is at the time when you are packing the things. With labelling the name of the item also tries to mention their type like fragile, electronics, etc.

If you have some expensive and fragile goods then mention “handle with care”. It will be helpful at the time of the loading, moving and unloading process.

Tip 7: Take Care Of Safety

The safety of your interstate move starts with the packing and loading process. You need to carefully pack and load your valuable items to protect them from jerks and damages during transit.

1. Check carefully if the cardboard box that you are using has some damage or not.

2. You must try to pack your items in a box that is clean, strong, and dry.

3. For double security of your items, tape the sides and bottom of the cardboard before putting things in it.

4. Keep the maximum weight according to the capacity of the recommended box.

5. Load the goods with the help of moving dollies of a suitable size.

6. Provide proper cushioning to the moving truck with the help of air pillows.

If you don’t find this packing and loading process manageable by yourself, then don’t take any risk. Hire professional removalists from companies like A Class Movers in Adelaide for a safe and effortless move.

Tip 8: Stay Clear About Forbidden Goods

You should ask your truck removals company for the list of items that are forbidden to transport in a moving truck.

These items are usually that which are harmful such as corrosive, flammable, and explosive. Moving companies can’t move your plants, perishable food, and pets.

1. Get a checklist of Non-Allowed items.

2. Double-check the list before packing your items so you don’t waste your time.

The Bottom Line

A Class Movers have tried to cover the most important job of the move and hopefully, these tips and tricks will make your move a seamless process. These tips and tricks will help you in the cheapest way to move furniture interstate.

You can also contact our Interstate Removalists Adelaide service for professional house removals if you want to hire a professional interstate moving service.

We provide you with the cheap interstate removalists service at an affordable rate in Australia. For more details,

Call on- 1800849008 OR

Send Email to – nfo@bestlocalremovalists.com.au

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