The moving process involves many stages, from packing to changing addresses and booking the best removal companies. It always continues along with pre and post-move settlements. So there are many things to be concerned about when moving is involved. If not sorted during the pre-move, many things might create problems for your post-move days. One of them is changing addresses. 

If the address is not changed before moving from certain places, it’ll impact your post-move life. You have to change the address in the post office, financial institutions, government agencies, basic regular places like schools, and service providers; else you’ll have to face problems. Sometimes you might have to face basic inconveniences and legal trouble. Therefore it’s mandatory to change your address from certain places.  

Do it beforehand, and stop putting everything on the last minute. There are already too many things and issues to counter in the moving process. You cannot keep such things pending. Clear changing of address way before because such legal changes take time. 

Mandatory  Places To Change The Address

Here are some mandatory places to change the address during relocation.

Government Documents 

Aadhar cards, PAN cards, passports, and voter id cards all come under the government’s hold. Therefore, it’s essential to change the address from such places. Furthermore, if you change your address on voter id, you will be able to vote, as it might not be possible to go back to your previous address, especially if it’s an Interstate move. So being a responsible citizen, you must change the voter ID address because you can use voter id for only in the constituency you are currently living in. Similarly, changing the address on aadhar cards is essential, as well as PAN cards and passports. 

Government documents ensure your whole smooth existence in the nation, so it’s compulsory to keep them updated. Since these workers might take time, start it early so that it’ll be done on time. If the address isn’t changed from such places, it’ll be problematic, especially in the long run. So, keep in mind to change your address from government documents. 

Financial Institution

You need to change your address from a financial institution. Isn’t it an essential thing and very obvious? For easy Banking, insurance, and loan-like services, you need to update your things, and your address is one of them. For example, when you apply for a new ATM card, they will parcel to your address, and if you do not update the details in the banks, services will be delayed, and you cannot blame anyone. 

Similarly, Insurance authorities need your updated address to reach out to you, so a financial institution is one of the significant places where you need to update your address before the move. Now that everything online has become possible, you won’t have to struggle much; just stay aware and careful. 

Close People 

Apart from formal places, there are certain critical informal places where you must correct your address. Your close friends, long-distance relatives, precisely your close ones, and family should be updated with the details so they can reach your new place. It’s essential to make them aware of your new home. You never know who will need you and when, so you must make them aware. If you already have any known close individuals residing in the new place where you are shifting, then updating them about your move will be helpful.

They’ll help you to know the place better; a new place with old friends feels the same. So do let your friends know about it; it’ll benefit you. We often tend to skip this point due to our hustle and busy schedules but remember that with the closed ones around, things will be worth it. Therefore, remember to inform your friends about your move and a change of address. 

Post Office 

The post office is where you cannot skip changing the address. You’ll have to suffer the inconvenience when you don’t change your address from important places. This is the formal and essential place where you have to mention the updated address and mobile number so that you can survive well at your new home with all convenience. 

Online Apps 

Many shopping apps exist for different purposes like stationery, groceries, clothes, etc. However, they require your current address to deliver your ordered item, which is why you must change your address when moving. Update such apps with your existing phone number and address so that you can pre-order your requirements, and it’ll be delivered when you reach there. 

We are great at procrastinating or forgetting such minute things. Therefore, ensure to update such things beforehand as there are already enough things to do during the move. If you keep such things for the last minute, surely you’ll miss them. Therefore try and tackle such works way before.

Regular Services Providers

Many regular and everyday things require your updated and current address, and for many moving, you have to consider all of them, like your kid’s school or college, service providers like cable operators, and public utilities like water supply, electricity, and gas agencies. If it’s a local move, you can update them about your new address so that they can provide services to your new address. But if it’s an interstate move, you must inform them about it to discontinue their services. 

Inform your kid’s school or college; in case of an interstate move, you’ll have to take a Transfer Certificate, but changing the address will work if it’s a local move.

You must keep your address corrected for a proper gas facility, especially if you get it at your doorstep. You need to inform them and give the new address for the regular services to your place. Moreover, you got to inform them about your changing address for essential utilities like water supply and electricity. 


During the pre-move and post-move, there were already listed so many things to handle, but among so many works, changing address from important places also includes changing your address from legal documents. It’s essential, and else it can lead to significant inconvenience. Along with such formal places, addresses from informal spaces too will have to change. Online apps need the updated current address for the delivery of the services conveniently, and your close people must know where you are moving to. Your everyday thing, inform your cable operator, gas agency, public utility facilitator, kids’ school, and college for records of current updated address. 

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