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Shifting is a hectic as well as an exciting job. It can be overwhelming for most of us, especially for the one who wants to do it on our own (We like to have everything in our control). Moving to a new place or new neighborhood can be a great experience.

To make this experience smoother, ensuring the safety of all your belongings is important. You have to protect them so that they reach your new home in the same condition in which they have left the old home.

In general, fragile furniture pieces can be tricky to move, so having a professional team for packing and moving them can help you with it is the best option.

There may be glass showpieces or other heavy furniture which would require extra care. Other than their weight and size, they also tend to be delicate or fragile.

Your friends may help you while moving heavy and fragile furniture. But it is important to take pre-planned steps to minimize or remove any kind of damage.

If you are living in Adelaide or any other part of Australia and want to move your furniture safely, then you have to hire professional furniture removal services from a trustworthy and certified moving company like A Class Movers in Adelaide.

8 Tips For Packing And Moving Fragile Furniture Items

1. Never Do It Alone

Don’t pack or carry heavy furniture by yourself, especially if you plan not to hire professionals. Take this tip seriously and gather your friends and family to help out with that task.

Packing should always be done under surveillance or else it can be really dangerous and risky. Hiring professional removalists in Adelaide will ensure the safety of both your fragile goods and yourself, after all, enjoying your new home with a broken leg isn’t a comfortable experience, is it?

2. Take Your Time

Investing in good quality wrapping supplies is your holy grail while packing and wrapping furniture and other goods properly.

To make sure there is minimum or no damage, high-quality packing material is a must. It will secure the item that is packed and make sure that it doesn’t get any scratches while moving.

Additionally, for extra protection, you can pad your furniture and the corners of any wooden items with pillows or Styrofoam.

Also, getting waterproof packing materials is a great idea to avoid any of your furniture from getting wet. Remember to take time to pack it right and never do it in the hurry.

3. Never Force It

Always take extra precautions while removing glass items from windows or any showpieces to avoid breaking and damaging your furniture.

Never force any material while packing. Always push your couch through the doorway, it’s more effective. Have patience and make space for your belongings rather than forcing them.

4. Always Disassemble Your Furniture

It is highly recommended that you always disassemble your furniture totally while shifting it. Doing this will make your furniture a few inches smaller and it will be easier to pack them. This way they won’t hit the nooks and crannies and won’t break anything.

Take off any kind of knobs, racks, shelves, and legs. While you are disassembling these materials, always remember to keep the screws and other necessary pieces in one place so they don’t go missing.

If you feel difficulty in doing this task, contact the best movers near you.

5. Slide Your Furniture Instead Of Carrying It

Furniture sliders can be lifesavers when it comes to shifting furniture. They are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Always use plastic sliders for carpeting and soft sliders for hard floors. If you can’t purchase it for any reason you can make your sliders easily at home from plastic container covers, bedspreads, towels and carpet remaining.

6. Always Plan Where It Lends

Planning the whole procedure makes the process of shifting hassle-free and efficient. Having a floor plan before your moving day is highly suggested. You can get it as a part of complimentary relocation services if you hire professionals for this job.

Although, if you are doing it on your own, then get the measurements of your new home and draw a floor plan using the correct measurements. Once you are done with it, you are ready to relocate things in and move your furniture to the new home.

7. Research On Packing Materials

There are various kinds of packing materials available online and offline in the market. Some of these are:

Packing Tapes

They are important in sealing and securing boxes or cartons. Always buy a roll of premium packing tape, as it is always handy to secure the edges. For packing purposes, we prefer to use medium-sized tapes which cover all small to big gaps.

Bubble Wraps

Bubble wrap always comes into our minds when talking about packing. It is one of the most essential items for packing. It is always the first choice while packing fragile items to keep them secure till they reach their new home.

Delicate materials such as pictures, frames, crockeries, glassware, showpieces, basically anything and everything are fragile and prone to damage with slight pressure.

Corrugated Cardboards And Sheets

These materials provide extra padding to the goods that are getting pad. For packing large household goods such as air conditioners, bikes or cars, any automobiles, furniture, or other equipment, we consider using corrugated cardboard and sheets to provide optimum security and strength to the items.

Air Pillows

These are a must for packing fragile goods that are prone to damage. Delicate items with pointy corners can be packed using these air pillows to avoid any rupture.

They are air-filled pouches that are used to keep in between the gaps of the belonging, as they are lightweight and can withstand all kinds of external loads.

Plastic Wraps or Stretch Wraps

Some objects require an extra surface of packing not because of protection but because of dust. Using plastic stretch wrap you can ensure that your goods will be dust free and remain intact through the entire process of loading and unloading the goods from one place to another.

We use 2-3 layers of plastic stretch wrap to have all your things packed and glued to the same position throughout the process.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts works as shock absorbents when your boxes move around. But they can only do this if they are packed tightly to the object, or else the purpose fails.

The best way of packing your items with peanuts is by filling the moving boxes with some peanuts at first and then putting the object into the box and then filling the nooks and crannies of the box with leftover peanuts.

This way you can ensure that even if the boxes tumble around, the object or delicate item stays intact at its place.

Crumpled Paper

This is yet another simple and effective packing material for filling the gaps in the boxes while shipping. The best way to use crumpled paper is by placing some in the bottom and putting the fragile object into the shipping box and then putting the crumpled paper into the space left and packing it tightly with packing tape.

This way, even if the box stumbles during shipping nothing will be damaged.

8. Hire Professionals

Always try to hire professionals if possible. It’s no secret that leaving the hard work of packing fragile items to professional movers is the best option.

Not only does removing and packing heavy and fragile items require patience but also experience. Hire professional movers who will make your shifting like a cakewalk.

Shifting was never this easy, so take the advantage of professional furniture removalists to make your work a lot easier.

The movers will protect the delicate items and make sure that your furniture reaches its destination in the best condition.

Never take the risk of packing yourself when in doubt. While pushing and pulling heavy furniture, you may hurt yourself in the process.

It is always safer to hire professionals for this kind of job. Plus, you will always get other complementary services such as customized crafting and optimum protection for your goods.

These are the most essential packaging materials that make shifting safer, smoother, and hassle-free. Always consider the best quality packing material for the safety of fragile and delicate goods.

It is highly suggestive to hire professionals to do the job especially when there are a lot of items to move, as they have more experience and have a special skill set for this job.

If the protection of your goods is the utmost priority then never hesitate to book a professional because a little damage to your goods can be a big damage to your wallet. Take your time to arrange things and research packing materials.


Shifting doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for you. While arranging, take time to pack things securely and relocate your items properly with patience. Doing this will make sure that your furniture is in good condition through the process of shifting.

Considering that your furniture will be the most expensive item of your move, pay attention to packing and securing it properly. These few tips will go a long way if used efficiently.

A little effort and patience are all you need to bring yourself to your new home. Make sure to plan the process in a detailed way to minimize any uncertainties.

Don’t forget hiring top-rated professional furniture movers like A Class Movers will ensure the safety of all the fragile items you have so that it reaches the final location intact without getting any kind of damage.

A Class Movers is the perfect choice to meet all of your demands of moving and removals. Hope all this guide comes in handy in the packing process. Till then, Happy Packing!

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