Before talking about everything about pool table removals service, first let’s understand, what is a pool table or billiard table?

A pool table is a  smooth rectangular table covered with the cloth used to play sports like billiards, snooker, and some forms of the pool, with six pockets at the corners and sides into which the balls can be hit.

Also, known as the billiard table. There is a specific need to understand this piece of furniture before we are about to move from your current location to a new location. Because moving a pool table is a different game than playing on a pool table.

Pool tables are large, heavy, & very fragile – all at the same time. The quality billiard table is made of slate, which makes them not only heavy in weight but also very fragile & prone to damage if transported incorrectly.

Unlike any other items of furniture, a pool table is expensive and cannot move out without professional skills.

So, don’t try to move it on your own thus, you may hurt yourself or damage your pool table. That’s where you need help on the professional front to remove your pool table in the right way.

In this section of the blog, you will get to know why you need professional help, what measures expert moving companies take to move your pool table safely and how they determine the cost of moving a pool table.

In short, We will give you complete information Pool Table Removal Service in this blog, so that you will be able to make your moving journey even easier.

Why Choose Professional Pool Table Removalists Instead Of Moving On Your Own?

The professional team of pool table movers have handled many billiard tables before, so they know these tables differ depending on age and condition.

The technique used to disassemble and reassemble the table differs from one to another and this is something that you may not realize when trying to do it yourself.

Expert pool table removalists companies like A Class Movers will also inspect the table before the move. They will look for current problems in the frames or joints and any cracks in the wood that may worsen during the pool table moving process.

The pool table removal Adelaide specialist will discuss their findings with you and take the precautions needed.

Never underestimate the weight and size of your pool table and don’t try to move it by yourself. Unprofessional handling can not only damage your pool table but also it is surrounding and you too.

Here are some more important benefits of choosing professional services over the DIY move:

1. Use Of Hitech Moving Tools And Equipment

Billiard tables are meant to be disassembled and reassembled for transport from one location to another, so to do it safely, professional pool table removalists companies use the right set of tools and equipment.

Before they begin the disassembling task, pool table movers will make sure that they have

  1. Staple remover or a pair of needle-nose pliers,
  2. Set of flat-head screwdrivers,
  3. Power drill,
  4. Socket wrench,
  5. Carpenter’s level, and
  6. Pair of safety goggles.

Also, the movers have a moving dolly to move the super-heavy slabs of slate out of your home.

From dollies to flathead screwdrivers and padding blankets, professional pool table movers use the right tools to disassemble and reassemble the table.

They are very well aware of all the small parts of a pool table and will store them safely for reassembly after the move.

Additionally, pool table removal specialists use specialized transportation trucks that hold pool tables or billiard tables in place and prevent movement during transportation.

2. Reliable Pool Table Packaging 

Packing is an important task and must be done quickly and safely. Generally, people don’t opt for professional packing, they do it themselves without understanding the importance of this step of packing.

Safe and reliable packing is the soul of damage-free and efficient removal of the pool table and even any other article. So, don’t take it lightly. Try to hire professional packers, they are cheap and efficient in packing goods carefully.

Expert removals service providers use premium packaging materials to pack all the parts of your pool table.

From slate to screws all are wrapped up in good and strong packaging. Soft packing paper for pool table pockets,  cardboard boxes for other pool table accessories like triangle and chalk, protective bags for wooden pool cues, furniture blankets to cover parts of rail, leg, and frame, etc. After packing everything is labelled properly to make it easy at the time of reassembling.

3. Comprehensive Moving Insurance – Pool Table Valuation

Just like pianos, pool tables are heavy and delicate. They reckon on several (and small) parts that can easily get damaged during a move.

Professional pool table movers have the right insurance policy in place to ensure that you will be compensated fairly if something goes wrong. It is the most important reason behind hiring expert movers.

Due to a comprehensive insurance policy, you can easily protect the value of your pool table and get peace of mind that you won’t be at any loss if anything wrong happens during the removal process.

So for the safety of your pool table and yourself, hire professional pool table removalists and its insurance policy.

Cost Determining Factors Of Pool Table Removalists In Adelaide

There are various factors that go into determining the cost of moving a pool table. Typically, anything which might make the job more complex will increase the expense. Among the factors generally taken into account are:

1. The Size Of The Pool Table: Normally, a pool table comes in different sizes like 9-foot, 8.5-foot, 8-foot, or 7-foot long.

All pool tables are rectangular in shape, and their longest side is double the size of the shorter side which makes the relocation tougher. Movers consider the sizes of your pool table to determine the exact cost of removal.

2. The Type Of Pool Table: Pool tables can also be classified by what they’re made of.  Some common items that go into pool tables are slate, wood, metal and rubber.

Moving 2-slate and 3-slate pool tables is tougher. The more delicate and luxe the material, the more expensive the relocating service will likely be. As the pool table movers will require to take more care to ensure the table is well-cared-for.

3. The Difficulties In Moving:  If the pool movers will have to go up against various floors, navigate through twisty hallways or do anything else which will ensure they have to take extra time and care to ensure your pool table is moved safely, then the costs might increase. Consult the relocation cost estimate they give you for their ease-to-cost approximation.

4. The Distance And Travel Time: Travel time and distance between the new and old place is also one of the basic parameters of estimating the cost of moving a pool table.

In general, the longer the distance, the higher the cost will be. So the pool table moving cost increases with distance, you can contact to your moving company for best quotes.

How Do They Do It?

Here are the series of steps followed by the professional pool table movers while dismantling and moving a pool table securely from one place to another:

1. Removal Of The Pocket: The first step is to remove or take off all the side pockets of the pool table. Tho movers use their toolkit to remove these pockets depending on how they are attached to the table.

2. Removal Of The Rails: by using a wrench, the pool table movers unscrew all the nut bolts and remove the rails of the pool table. They do it carefully without harming the rails.

3. Removal Of The Felt: This step is very crucial and must be performed accurately. Generally, the felt of the pool table is irreplaceable, so professional movers take care of this step very precisely. Felt which is stapled is easier to remove than which is glued. Pool table movers gently remove your feet without any damage.

4. Removal Of The Base And The Legs: In the fourth step they remove the base and the legs of the pool table with the help of the toolkit. They remove the frame carefully and then detach the legs by unscrewing the bolts.

5. Pack The Pool Table: After dismantling your large and heavy pool table into several smaller parts, an expert team of packers starts packing these parts carefully. They use bubble wrap and shrink wrap to protect valuable pieces of the pool table.

6. Load The Pool Table Into The Truck: After completing packing, the pool table movers load the pieces of the pool table into the moving truck.

They use large furniture dollies and moving straps to load the pool table effortlessly and safely. Professional man with a van service offers well-maintained moving trucks and vans which are equipped with hi-tech equipment and hydraulic lifters to move heavy objects without any damage.

End Of Line

Try to get the job done right and have our expert assistance in removal at a reasonable price. A Class Movers pool table removalists are experts in finishing their job on a good note.

In our Pool Table Removalists service, the scope of error is always less.

We don’t rush anything to get the work done in a short amount of time. With a well-organized plan, our team is always ready to help you with matters related to pool table removal. For more details,

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