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Pool Table Movers In Playford, Adelaide

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Research conducted in Australia shows that playing pool and snooker is the favourite pastime activity for youngsters. Moreover, many firms are installing pool tables in their office for leisure activities. Pool tables are heavy and valuable with a delicate cloth which has a high chance for damage. Thus, the relocation of pool tables is not an easy job for beginners. A Class Movers Pool table movers Playford Adelaide are one of the most efficient and professional removalists in Playford Adelaide.

A Class Movers Pool table removal is a safe and best choice for your pool table removals. Our Pool table Removalists playford, Adelaide promise our customers about the safety of your pool table. We provide both the pool table and snooker table removals. Pool and snooker table differ around 1000 kilograms. Our trucks are well equipped with hydraulic tailgate lifts which allow these types of heavy items to move in and out with ease.

How our Pool table Movers Adelaide team decides its moving cost?

Moving distance: The first factor on which your interstate removal is based on the moving distance. The moving distance includes the distance from your old destination to a new destination for your piano removal. The moving distance includes the petrol price, truck maintenance, toll tax and our driver salary. You don’t need to worry about prices, we provide budgetary Pool table removalists in Playford, Adelaide.

Weight of the pool or snooker table: Pool or snooker tables come in different price and sizing. For example, the wiraka pool table is much heavier and costlier than a cheap pool table. Many enthusiastic pool players add various designs and layouts to their pool table which increases the weight of the pool table. 4 slate pool tables are much heavier than 1 slate pool table. Another factor which determines the price of your pool table removal is the weight of the pool or snooker table.

Access to the pool or snooker table at each location door opening dimensions: Another factor which determines the pricing of your pool table is the access to reach your pool or snooker table. The prices charged by A Class Movers for the relocation of the pool table located at ground level is much cheaper than the pool table located on the 3rd floor. Whereas the price charged for door dimensions with a narrow width is much higher than doors with a broad width. As for narrow dimensions doorways our pool table, removalists need to disassemble your pool table in various different parts.

Capacity to dismantle and reassemble the pool or snooker table: A Class Movers does not relocate the pool table without disassembling. The pool table is heavy and delicate by nature, which needs proper attention and care at the time of relocation. Dismantle and reassembling the pool table is a stressful task. The pool table is large in size and needs good space for its dismantling and reassembling. If you have good spacing around your pool table it is easier for our removalists to disassemble your pool table.

Packaging materials: Another factor which determines the price for pool table Removal is the type of packaging material. We provide the opportunity to our valuable customers to choose the packaging material for their pool table removalists Adelaide team. The number of packaging material used in your removal the more your pricing becomes costlier.

Specialist skills or experience requirements: A Class Movers is providing Pool table removalists Playford, Adelaide service for the last 8 years in Playford Adelaide. We have a team of 25 experienced removalists who are friendly and understand the necessities of customers. Pool table removal skill cannot be learned overnight through YouTube, it requires years of experience and knowledge to learn this skill. If you are looking for the most advanced Pool table removal, A Class Movers provide most experienced removalists with slightly higher pricing.

Any particular instructions from the customer: The another factor which can influence the costing of your pool table Removal is some special instructions from the customer. For example, a customer wants relocation on a certain date and we are booked for that date. First, we ask for permission from the old customer for the delay and if the customer agrees, we can relocate your pool table on that date.

Vehicle and mover hire charges: Your cost for pool table Removal also include vehicle and mover hire charges. We provide different size trucks such as 3.0T Truck, 4.5T Truck, 6.5T Truck and 8T Truck. We charge according to the truck required for your pool table removalists Adelaide Services

Insurance premiums: A Class Movers provide insurance service which is also inclusive of insurance service. As we all know life is uncertain so for that reason we provide insurance service. By chance, your goods get damage you can freely claim for the compensation of your valuable goods.

Why Choose our pool table movers Playford, Adelaide team as your Pool table Removalists?

  1. A Class Movers Pool table movers Playford Adelaide have an experience of 8 years in pool table removalists service in Playford Adelaide
  2. We provide security and protection on our custom made boxes, cartoons and steel containers and our techno moving trucks
  3. A Class Movers provide Pool table Removal service on weekends and during off-hours. Our Pool table removal service starts on the night of Friday and ends on Sunday evening
  4. We also provide Insurance service for pool table Removal for the uncertainty of life
  5. We take care of your floors by using Masonite and use plastic wraps so that there is no damage caused to your floor in the process of office removal.
  6. A Class Movers Pool table movers Playford Adelaide provides cheap Pool table removalists service in Playford Adelaide. Our relocation charges start from 60$ per hour.

Frequently asked questions on Pool Table Removalists services in Playford, Adelaide

If I want to store my goods in your warehouse, how and when do you bill me?

A Class Movers Pool table movers Playford Adelaide provides secure and budgetary warehousing to their valuable customers. To store your goods in our warehouse, you will be billed with an invoice at the start of every month. The first bill will be storage fees for the current month. A Class Movers only charge you for storage until the day of delivery. Our Pool table Movers Playford, Adelaide send you the exact amount to you in a confirmation letter.

Is it possible for me to relocate the pool table myself?

Pool tables are delicate, they need care and relocating pool table jobs is only left to the professional service. Your one wrong move just to save a few dollars can damage your valuable table. A Class Movers provide experienced and budgetary pool table Removal service. You just relax on your couch and watch the whole relocation service.

Is it fine to hire 2 movers for my pool table move?

Yes, it is fine to hire 2 movers for your pool table move. In case you need to shift the pool table upstairs, you might need up to 3 movers. Our experienced surveyor will guide you with this regard

What makes the A Class Movers different from other Pool table removal?

When you hire a professional pool table mover like us to complete the job, all the responsibility and heavy lifting are on our pool Table Removalists Playford, Adelaide team. We provide special Pool table removalists Playford, Adelaide that include big sized heavy items that require special equipment in order for it to be moved both properly and safely. Our Pool table movers Playford Adelaide team will make sure that your table is properly packed and transported and set up properly for you. There are some things that you can do to help the process go smoothly. Providing the information ready when you book your pool table move, it will ensure that all things go easy and smooth.

How long will my pool table relocation take?

The process depends upon the size of the pool table and the distance that needs to be moved. Although our Pool table Removalists Playford, Adelaide might not be able to tell you the exact time, however, through contacting us you can figure out an estimated time that this process might take.

How many moving quotes should I expect?

Once you contact our Pool table Movers Playford, Adelaide will provide you with three to four moving quotes for best removalists services in Playford Adelaide depending on your location within a few hours. Just you need to compare and select the best one that will perfectly match your needs and budget.

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A Class Movers does not charge for moving quotes. To get the pool table Removal Playford Adelaide call us on 1800 870 500 or mail us at To find us on google simply check Removalist near me or search for cheap pool table removalists, Playford Adelaide. A Class Movers also provide Pool Table Removals, office removal, furniture removal, a man with a van removal, pool table removal and interstate Removalists service in Playford Adelaide
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My piano is an antique one and I was afraid if I damage it so I hired A-Class Mover. I highly recommend the best piano removalists service in Adelaide. They took the piano with a safe method and delivered it to my mother's house just within 2 hours. I am highly impressed by their services.


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