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Cheap Piano Removalists In Brahma Lodge

Passion for piano is increasing day by day, and thus the demand for piano is also increasing. But the relocation of such a beautiful piece of musical instrument is very challenging. Therefore, many people hire the best and cheap piano removalists near them. A Class Movers is also a professional and trusted piano moving company of Brahma Lodge, which has ten years of experience and has completed more than 2000+ piano moves. Our professional piano removalists in Brahma Lodge understand the value and affection of our customers towards their piano, so our mission is to move your piano with extreme care and with no damage. Our well-organised piano removalists use the lastest techniques provide a safe and secure piano removals in Brahma Lodge.

There are lots of feelings attached to your favourite piano. And you can’ take any risk while moving it to another location. A Class Movers is the most preferred choice of any individual or business holder looking for local and interstate piano removals in Brahma Lodge. Our piano movers guarantee that your piano will be relocated with the utmost care. Our qualified piano movers are experts in shifting piano to short and long distances. We have installed hydraulic tailgate lifts that help to load your valuable piano successfully. To give a stress-free piano removals experience, we also provide a complete insurance facility with each move. Your piano will be covered with protected layers of packing supplies to reduce the risk of damage.

Equipment Used By Our Piano Movers In Brahma Lodge

Moving a piano without disassembling it is complex because its size and weight are very tough to handle. Therefore, different types of tools are used to make the process of piano relocation safe and simple. We use the latest set of tools and moving equipment to make the process easier. A Class Movers also provide piano moving equipment on a per hour basis.

The most necessary equipment our professional piano movers use for moving a piano are listed below:

  • Four-wheel piano moving dolly
  • Hump strap
  • Locking piano belt
  • Piano skid board
  • Piano cover
  • Moving pads
  • Furniture sliders

Dolly and hump strap is the most common equipment used during piano removals. A single lock piano belt is enough for removing an upright piano, but a grand piano requires two lock piano belts. These are necessary because it provides balance to protect the piano bottom from damage or spoilage. Moreover, a piano skid board is also needed for securing the grand piano’s flat side.


Trained And Experienced Piano Movers

Piano Moving companies in Adelaide require trained employees and teamwork. There are several steps in both the local and interstate piano removals process and the piano needs to be handled with care. The narrow staircases, doorways, and other places of the location need to be passed through while making sure that the piano doesn't get damaged.

Right Moving Equipment

To relocate a piano you require essential removal tools so that it makes the work easier and the piano can be moved to the van without any issue. We have all the types of equipment that are required in this process and our best piano removalists in Adelaide are always available for you.

Instant Man With A Van Services

The next thing is a suitable vehicle. We have a varying range of fleet for moving pianos of all sizes and shapes. Our Man with a Van Piano removalists team is always available with their various pianos. We have all kinds of vehicles that are required in the process. A piano always needs a flat surface in order to reduce the risk of damage and our trucks are available at your service.

Understand The difference

Though a piano is included in a household item, when it comes to moving it to a different place, it is pretty different. Many household individuals might overestimate their piano moving. As piano mover, we have experience moving almost all types of Pianos. Restrictive spaces, narrow passways, steep stairs, etc. Since unforeseen obstacles can arise during the move, you definitely don't want to put yourself into a certain circumstance where you would feel helpless. Seeing the size and delicacy of a piano, it could become quite difficult for you to pack and handle it on your own.

Avoid The Injury

It doesn't take much for the piano to sneak out of your hands and end up chasing you down the stairs. Obviously, in the event that you don't lift appropriately, you could injure yourself or your family members by sending you to the emergency clinic. Regardless of whether you manage not to harm yourself during the process, if the piano sneaks out of your hands, it would definitely get harmed. A few pianos weigh 1,000 pounds. On the off chance that you don't have a group of 4 to 6 extremely resilient and strong men, you will be unable to lift the piano and move it appropriately. This could definitely and easily lead to damage for sure. An expert piano mover won't just give the right quantity of the labour, yet they will likewise give a group of men used to working with one another. They will utilize proficient procedures and methods, tools, and techniques to guarantee the piano and the labourers stay safe throughout the process.

Value For Money

Moving over the streets or across the states may seem costly, but it's well worth the money. You don't have to ask your friends to help you out and also you don't have to waste your time moving the heavy piano all day long. Rather, you will have professional piano removalists taking care of your piano while you sit back and relax. Moving a piano isn't an easy job for people who aren't experienced. If you have an upright, grand, or any type of piano you need to move, leave it into the hands of our professional piano movers.


  1. Planning And Evaluation For Piano Removals: The first and foremost step in our piano relocation process is planning and evaluating all the necessary aspects and circumstances. The present condition of the piano, the cost determining factors and other services that clients require should be kept in mind. A Class Movers' professional surveyor will execute this step of piano removals and provide you with free quotes over a phone call or after visiting your property. Our surveyor will provide you with an estimated price for your piano removal and check for all hurdles and difficulties in the process. Our piano removalists in Brahma Lodge believes that no work can be done without proper planning. So we plan the whole piano relocation, from disassembling the piano from the old destination to reassembling it at a new destination.
  2. Proper Packing And Removal Of Piano: A plan is just a plan without a successful move. At the next step, our expert piano movers in Brahma Lodge will disassemble and pack your piano with bubble wrap and moving blankets and secure its packing with strong tape. We do not recommend lifting your piano without disassembling it. We are well equipped with moving gloves, dollies, trollies, piano shifters, and piano shoes. Our trucks are equipped with special tail lifts to move the piano quickly inside the truck. A Class Movers provide a guarantee on their piano moving service and also pay compensation for the damage caused by our removalists.
  3. Transportation And Reassembly Of Piano: A Class Movers aim to provide secure transportation service along with entirely satisfactory results. We have installed GPS devices on our moving trucks and vans to provide extra layers of security to the client's valuables. After successfully reaching your destination, our professional piano movers Brahma Lodge team will unload your piano and reassemble it at your desired destination. Our experience has taught us to face any unforeseen difficulties with piano removals.

Secure Storage And Insurance Facility With Piano Removals In Brahma Lodge

A Class Movers has ample space to store clients’ goods and essentials temporarily. With our piano removalists in Brahma Lodge, we also offer protected warehouses and small lockers to store piano and its accessories. These are some of the unique features of our storage house:

  • 24 hour CCTV camera surveillance
  • Full-time strong and attentive security guards
  • Clean and spacious storage compartments
  • Weather and pest controlled atmosphere
  • Theft control and fire alarms

A Class Movers also provide an insurance facility for each piano removals operated by our piano movers. Our piano moving insurance cover provides safety and compensation against damage or theft of goods. We do not grant insurance claims on the things that are not under the control of our removalists, for example, natural disasters like earthquakes.

The future is unpredictable, and for that reason, we provide insurance service so that our customers are at peace. Our professional removal services comes under consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. It means that A Class Movers must:

  • Provide due care to avoid damage to your goods
  • Provide reasonable time for relocation to the customer, which is mutually accepted
  • Pay a fine if we are unable to meet the guarantee of our service

You can claim your compensation easily at A Class Movers, call on our number, and you will be guided regarding the further procedure. By any chance, if the issue is not resolved, then you can put your complaint in writing by mail. Outline the problem and the current situation of the product. We usually reply to emails within 4 hours- 12 hours on working days.

Contact us for piano removals in Brahma Lodge and get free moving quotes: A Class Movers does not charge for a moving quote. To get piano removalists in Brahma Lodge, call us on 1800 849 008 or mail us at A Class Movers also provides house removal, furniture removal, office removal, a man with a van removal, pool table removal, cleaning service, single item removals, and interstate removals in Brahma Lodge.


How can I get a long-distance cheap piano removals service?

If you are looking for cheap piano movers in Brahma Lodge, A Class Movers provides a grouping technique. The grouping technique is also called backloading, by which your piano will be grouped with one or more removal items going in the same direction, and the cost will be shared with various clients. So you can adopt this technique for a long-distance piano removals in the most cheapest way. The only problem with the grouping technique is arranging your date of removal with the client’s date of removal. If you really want cheap piano removal you must be flexible.

Do you provide insurance?

The consumer law of Australia allows removal companies to provide insurance. We are registered and certified piano removalists in Brahma Lodge who strictly follow the government rules. A Class Movers provides two types of protection for their valuable customers. The first one is cargo insurance, which allows coverage of $25,000 on cargo goods. And the second one is additional insurance that provides the complete valuation on moving objects.

How much experience do your piano movers have?

Our professional piano movers in Brahma Lodge are trained employees with superior teamwork ability. We have ten years of experience in this removals and storage industry. There are several steps in the process, and the piano needs to be handled with care. The narrow staircases, doorways, and other places of the location need to be passed through while ensuring that the piano doesn’t get damaged. Our piano movers in Brahma Lodge know all these hurdles and know how to move the client’s valuable piano safely.

What is required for a piano relocation?

To relocate a piano, you require essential removal tools to drag the piano without any issue. We have all types of equipment required in this process, and our cheap local and interstate piano movers in Brahma Lodge are always available for you.

Do I need to be present for piano removals?

Yes, our piano movers in Brahma Lodge expect someone to be present at the time of the relocation to enter the premises. At delivery, A Class Movers require someone to sign off at the end of the job.

I want to shift only single room furniture. Can I still get quotes?

A Class Movers do not see any task as too big or too small. We have relocated a single bed and even 4 BHK apartments. So shifting your single room furniture is not an issue at all; you can contact us anytime.


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I have a startup and wanted to move my office to a different location. You were fantastic in organizing all my messed up stuff. I am really thankful to you. It would not have been possible to arrange all this mess without you. You are the best removalists near me in Adelaide, Australia.

Chris Khoo

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My piano is an antique one and I was afraid of damaging it so I hired A Class Movers. I highly recommend them as they are the best piano removalists in Adelaide. They took the piano safely and delivered it to my mother's house within just 2 hours. I am highly impressed by their services.


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Simply needed to send an email to tell you how extraordinary your group is! I have used your moving company multiple times over the most recent 10 months – for my small to big moves. All the young men have worked superbly each time-consistently quick, obligingly and with a grin. Much obliged to you again and am consistently glad to prescribe your removalists services to any individual who inquires. A special thanks to all your wonderful team members who assisted us in packing, loading and unloading.


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Rory and I want to broaden our genuine gratitude in order for all the assistance from your organization on our recent removal . A special thanks to you and to your removalists team, who professionally packed us and moved to Melbourne from Adelaide. To your strong and expert team members who showed remarkable ability in unloading and 'settling us in'. We can't thank your young men enough! We would have no delay in suggesting you later on. With sincere thanks and regards.


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