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Whether we talk about preserving our food or preventing foodborne illness, the benefits of a refrigerator are uncountable. It is an essential home appliance and is present in everyone’s kitchen. But when we talk about the relocation of the fridge, it is a difficult task, especially when you don’t have professional knowledge. The fridge is perishable, heavy, and valuable by nature which needs proper attention and care for the successful relocation. That’s why you should hire a good moving company to move such a bulky electronic device so that there is no harm to your fridge. A Class Movers is one of the trusted and reliable removals and cleaning companies in Beaumont, which provides efficient, skilled, and professional fridge removalists in Beaumont, making the relocation process stressful and hassle-free.

Our fridge removalists team has years of experience moving all kinds of refrigerators and has relocated more than 2000 fridges in Beaumont. More importantly, we have got no complaints so far. Our refrigerator movers in Beaumont take care of your refrigerator while moving from one place to another.

Why Choose Our Fridge Removalists Service In Beaumont?

Affordable Moving Cost: Our fridge removalists service in Beaumont is a complete moving solution for relocating your bulky refrigerator at the cheapest rates. We present free and transparent cost estimation for your fridge transportation based on the moving cost estimating factors. Our fridge removalists service is free of hidden charges, and we also give clubbed offers and discounts.

Well-Trained Movers: Our refrigerator movers are skilled and highly trained to manage various removal and storage-related conditions. They can handle heavy to delicate objects very quickly and have good knowledge of packing and dismantling tricks. A Class Movers refrigerator movers in Beaumont have more than ten years of experience and have successfully relocated all-size refrigerators to the locals and interstates of Beaumont.

Premium Packing Supplies: The type of material used for packing the fridge for relocation shows how safe your fridge removal will be. Packing is the most crucial step, and good quality packing materials are essential for the safe and damage-free removal of your refrigerator. That is why our expert removalists always choose the best eco-friendly packing items to protect the electronic appliances from any damage.

Reliable Transportation Service: We have a wide range of moving vehicles, from small vans to interstate removal trucks. A Class Movers offers the best transportation service in Beaumont. We provide a truck with a hydraulic lift for easy removal of the refrigerator. Our drivers are certified and experienced and have an excellent understanding of the shortest routes for quick delivery of the items.

Storage And Insurance Facility: We also offer a fridge and refrigerator storage or warehousing facility in Beaumont with fridge removal services. Storage house is essential when you are not ready to bring your fridge to the new place or relocating it to the interstates. Along with that, we offer a full-value insurance policy for the safety of your refrigerator from any misfortune or mishappening.

What Do We Include In Our Fridge Removalists Service In Beaumont?

Cleaning The Fridge: The first and foremost step for the transportation of a fridge is cleaning and defrosting. We cannot relocate the fridge along with the food items. The cleaning process also includes defrosting the fridge ice so that your fridge does not release water in between the fridge removal task. A Class Movers provide a professional cleaning service to the customers.

Disconnecting The Fridge: After thoroughly cleaning your fridge, our professional refrigerator movers will disconnect your fridge shelves according to the user manual guide. Removing shelves will reduce the chances of breakage of your shelves and decrease the fridge's weight. We promise our customers to provide a secure and efficient fridge removal service in Beaumont.

Transporting A Fridge Or Refrigerator: Transporting a 300-pound fridge is an arduous task for beginners. A Class Movers removalists are well equipped with particular items like dollies, trolly, straps, tapes, and moving blankets. When you hire our fridge removalists service in Beaumont, Adelaide, we make sure that the flooring and house interior do not get damaged by any chance. We load your fridge in our advanced techno trolly, which helps relocate your fridge efficiently. Your fridge shelves are packed inside our custom boxes for better protection. In comparison, your fridge will be sealed with bubble wraps and covered with blankets to add an extra layer of security to your fridge.

Loading The Fridge: Every truck has special tail lifts that will help your fridge load up inside our truck with the help of our removalists. A Class Movers removalists use straps to tie your fridge to provide stability during the move. We provide a guarantee on our fridge removalists Beaumont service and provide a compensatory amount on the damage.

Fridge Removals: The final step for our fridge removalists is to relocate and assemble your fridge successfully. We have installed CCTV cameras and Gps devices inside our truck for successful and secure relocation. A Class Movers professionals will indeed reinstall your fridge at your new destination along with the proper functioning of the fridge.

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FAQs | Fridge Removalists Beaumont

Do you provide interstate refrigerator removals service?

A Class Movers provide both local and interstate removals services in Beaumont. We are the trusted removalists in Beaumont who do not involve sub-contractors, which means we are 100% accountable for our moving services.

Are there any prerequisites from your side when relocating a refrigerator?

You should turn off your fridge at least 24 hours before your fridge relocation. Defrost the freezer and let the oil in the compressor settle down. Make sure your fridge is cleaned up and dried. So that when we pack the fridge, it won’t leak and likewise create any trouble or delay.

Do you move a pre-packed refrigerator?

No! Due to liability issues, A Class Movers do not relocate pre-packed refrigerators or other fragile appliances. We can not rely on the packing supplies used by other companies. Therefore, we advise you to let the packing and removal task be on us. We use the top-most quality packing material to cover your fridge correctly and protect it from any damage and scratches. For more information or any query, you can contact us anytime on our website.

How hard is it to move a refrigerator?

Because of its size and bulkiness, it is tough to move a refrigerator on your own. That’s why you should hire A Class Movers because we have professionals who have the necessary tools and equipment to move your refrigerator without any difficulty and in the most efficient manner.

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My piano is an antique one and I was afraid of damaging it so I hired A Class Movers. I highly recommend them as they are the best piano removalists in Adelaide. They took the piano safely and delivered it to my mother's house within just 2 hours. I am highly impressed by their services.


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Simply needed to send an email to tell you how extraordinary your group is! I have used your moving company multiple times over the most recent 10 months – for my small to big moves. All the young men have worked superbly each time-consistently quick, obligingly and with a grin. Much obliged to you again and am consistently glad to prescribe your removalists services to any individual who inquires. A special thanks to all your wonderful team members who assisted us in packing, loading and unloading.


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Rory and I want to broaden our genuine gratitude in order for all the assistance from your organization on our recent removal . A special thanks to you and to your removalists team, who professionally packed us and moved to Melbourne from Adelaide. To your strong and expert team members who showed remarkable ability in unloading and 'settling us in'. We can't thank your young men enough! We would have no delay in suggesting you later on. With sincere thanks and regards.


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