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Piano Movers In Playford, Adelaide

Piano Removalists Playford Adelaide

Passion for piano is increasing day by day, many people consider piano as most favourable things behind their home and vehicles. A Class Movers has 8 years of experience and has completed more than 2000 piano removal. We understand the value and affection of each customer toward their piano, so our mission is to your piano with extreme care. Our professional and systematic piano removal technique provides a safe and secure piano relocation.

A Class Movers is the most preferred choice for any individuals looking for piano removals. Our Piano Removalists Playford, Adelaide Team promise and provide the guarantee that your piano will be relocated with extreme care, our efficient and professional staff members are experts in shifting piano. To load your valuable piano successfully our Expert Piano Movers Adelaide Team have installed hydraulic tailgate lifts which allow the piano to load up into the container. Your piano will be covered and protected into layers of securities to reduce damages. To provide hassle-free and stress-free removal, our affordable Piano Removalists Playford, Adelaide team provide insurance service with each and every move with us

How our Piano movers Playford, Adelaide team move your piano?

Auditing and planning: The first and foremost step in our relocation process is auditing and planning for the removal of your piano. A Class Movers professional surveyor will provide you with free quotes over a phone call or visiting your property. Our surveyor will provide you with estimated pricing for your piano removal and will check for all hurdles and difficulties in the process. Our Piano Removalists Adelaide team believe that no work can be done without proper planning. So we plan the whole piano relocation starting from disassembling piano from the old destination to assembling to a new destination.

Moving: A plan is just a plan without a successful move. We do not recommend lifting and damaging your piano system without disassembling. Our professionals will first disassemble your piano safely and package the piano parts into custom-designed boxes. Our Piano Removalists Playford, Adelaide team is well equipped with equipment like moving gloves, dollies, trollies, piano shifters and piano shoes. Our trucks are equipped with special tail lifts so that the piano can be moved easily inside the truck. Our Piano Removalists Playford, Adelaide team provide guarantee on the relocation of your piano removal and also pay compensation for damage caused by our removalists. We have been doing piano Removal for the last 8 years in Playford Adelaide and have relocated more than 2000 pianos.

Delivering and reassembling: A Class Movers aim to provide secure relocation along with fully satisfactory results. To provide extra layers of security our Piano Removalists Playford, Adelaide have installed a Gps device on our moving truck. Our experience has taught us to face any unforeseen difficulties with piano removal. After successfully reaching your destination, our professional will unload your piano and reassemble in your desired destination.

A Class Movers Piano removalists Playford, Adelaide provide you with moving and storage insurance

A Class Movers provide insurance facilities for each and every removal operated by us. Our Piano Removalists Playford, Adelaide team, provide Insurance service for any type of damage or theft of goods and in return, we provide compensation amount of the product. We do not provide insurance service on the things that are not under control of our removalists, for example, the branch of a tree falling on our truck.

What you will do if something goes wrong:

Future is unpredictable and for that reason, we are providing insurance service so that our customers are in peace of mind. Our removalist service automatically comes under consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. This means that A Class Movers must:

  1. Under Australian consumer law, Removalist companies should provide due care to avoid damage to your goods.
  2. It is removalists company job to provide reasonable time for relocation to the customer which is mutually accepted
  3. Class Movers have to pay a fine if we are not able to meet the guarantee on our customer product.

You can claim for your compensation easily at A Class Movers, just call on our number and you will be guided for further purpose. By any chance, if the issue is not resolved then you can put your complaint in writing by mail. Outline the problem and the current situation of the product. We usually take 4 hours- 12 hours on business working days for replying to emails.

How our Cheap Piano Movers Adelaide Team determines your Piano Moving Cost?

If you are looking for piano removal locally or interstate, A Class Movers is right at your service in Playford Adelaide. It is really important that you hire professional removalists that provide professional and efficient piano moving.

Piano relocation is billed in two ways:

  1. The first way to relocate a piano is by household mover way. It is calculated in hourly rates. A Class Movers complete the whole relocation in minimum time as possible, which is usually 3 hours.
  2. Another method to relocate a piano is by flat charges that are based on the following factors:
    1. Type of piano
    2. Distance travelled from the old destination to the new destination
    3. Another factor which may influence the relocation is all hurdles and difficulties such as stairs, grass pulls, sharp turns etc

For relocating the piano, removalists generally use 2 types of moving. Dolly and hump strap are the most common types of equipment used during the piano removals in Adelaide. They are necessary because it provides balance to protect the piano bottom from damage or spoilage. For removal of Upright piano, a single locking piano belt is enough but a grand piano requires 2 locking piano belts. Moreover, a piano skid board is also needed for securing the grand piano flat side.

A Class Movers also provide piano moving equipment on a per hour basis. The piano's moving equipment are listed below:

  1. 4 wheel piano moving dolly
  2. Hump strap
  3. Locking piano belt
  4. Piano skid board

For secure removal, you also need moving pads, blankets and packing tape for the move.

Frequently asked questions on Piano Removals Services in Playford, Adelaide

How to move my piano cheaply over a long distance?

If you are looking for Cheap piano removal in Playford Adelaide, A Class Movers provide the technique called grouping. Grouping technique is also called backloading by which your piano will be grouped with one or more moves going in the same direction and the cost will be shared with various clients. The only problem in grouping technique is to arrange your date of removal with the client date of removal. If you really want cheap piano removal you must be flexible.

Do you have insurance?

The consumer law of Australia obliges removal companies to provide insurance. We are registered and certified piano movers in Adelaide who strictly follow our government rules. A Class Movers provides two types of protection for their valuable customers:

  1. Cargo Insurance: The first type of insurance we provide is cargo insurance which provides coverage $ 25, 000 on cargo goods.
  2. Additional Insurance: A Class Movers provide additional insurance service to their customers. You can simply talk to our friendly sales representative if you are interested in this service.

How much experience do you have in piano removals?

Our cheap Piano Movers Playford, Adelaide have trained employees and teamwork ability. We have lots of experience in Removal jobs. There are several steps required in the process and the piano should be handled with care. The narrow staircases, doorways, other places of the location are required to be passed through while making sure that the piano doesn’t damage.

What is required for piano relocations?

To relocate a piano you require essential removal tools so that it makes the work easier and the piano can be dragged all over the way without any issue. We have all the types of equipment that are required in this process and our cheap piano movers Adelaide team is always available for you.

Do I need to be present for Piano removal?

Yes, our Piano Removalists Playford, Adelaide do expect someone present at the time of Piano removal unless we have been given permission to enter the premises. At delivery, “A class movers” do require someone to be there to sign off at the end of the job as this is a circumstance of our terms and conditions.

I want to shift only single room furniture so can I still get quotes?

A Class Movers do not see any task as too big or too short. We relocate even a single bed and relocate 4 bhk apartments. So shifting your single room furniture is not an issue at all, you can contact us anytime suitable for you. As being one of the best and affordable Piano Removal in Playford, Adelaide we will provide you with the minimum amount that might cost you during the moving furniture process.

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I have a startup and the first thing these companies workers were fantastic in organizing all my messed stuff. I am really thankful to you. It would not have been possible to arrange all this mess without you. You are the best removalists service Near Me.

Chris Khoo

My piano is an antique one and I was afraid if I damage it so I hired A-Class Mover. I highly recommend the best piano removalists service in Adelaide. They took the piano with a safe method and delivered it to my mother's house just within 2 hours. I am highly impressed by their services.


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