Why is it that so many individuals choose to relocate to Melbourne?

We did our homework, after all! And here are some of the top reasons people decide to move.


1. Hidden Passageways (Or Not So Hidden)

Melbourne is a flourishing metropolis! They’re a beehive of activity, with musicians, cafés, pubs, fantastic food, road parties, and even modest, quiet ebook cafes. You will not be bored if you take a stroll through the city’s alleyways and lanes.

Centre Place is the place to be for foodies. With a massive range to select from, you could have a dinner party on dumplings, crepes, clean juices, salads, wraps, and paninis, or take a seat down and experience a delicious coffee. 

Get yourself to Hosier Lane if you’re a lifestyle vulture. Relax and sip your cappuccino while being surrounded by some of the best street art in the world.

Discover the ancient Royal Arcade, Australia’s oldest arcade, for structure aficionados. A plethora of professional boutiques, antique treasure troves, and comfortable cafes are housed within its ornate arches and checkerboard flooring.

Alternatively, visit the appropriate Block Arcade, home to the well-known Hopetoun Tea Rooms, which features a stunning French Renaissance-style edifice. You can’t help but be enchanted by the beautiful mosaic floors and elegant cornices.

Melbourne appears to be ‘always open for business,’ and there is a lane for everyone!


2. Exceptional Shopping

We’ve all heard of Melbourne’s shopping, right?

It appears that it’s all about the variety, with everything from international brands to quirky stores where you can find something truly unique. There is something for everyone with so much variety and options to suit all budgets!

You can stretch those money muscles anyplace because there is so much to pick from. Melbourne is home to the largest shopping area in the Southern Hemisphere, Chadstone Shopping Center, and night markets and laneways bustling with vendors for charming little bargains.

The city provides a free shuttle service between Federation Square and Chadstone. You can stay in the city and shop at Bourke Street Mall and Melbourne Emporium if you don’t want to go out to the suburbs.


3. The Excellent Coffee

Melbourne has a love affair with coffee, unlike any other city in Australia. Coffee in Melbourne is not only good, but it’s also great! Regularly voted as one of the top 5 coffee cities globally, Melbourne’s coffee culture is second to none. 

In the 1880s, the Temperance movement persuaded people to give up alcohol and succeeded in promoting public bars to close at 6 pm. This led to the development of coffee palaces, such as the Federation Hotel and the Coffee Palace.

The Federation is a large and monumental building in the heart of the city, which becomes the social center of the town… and all alcohol-free! 

Our coffee culture was created with the arrival of the first espresso machines in Melbourne in the 1930s, thanks to Melbourne’s substantial Italian and Greek communities.

Melburnians won’t get tired of coffee, so you’re sure to find a great cup from small suburban cafes to trendy inner city streets.


4. Sports Capital Of Australia

Melbourne is sports-mad and domestic to many of the global’s pleasant carrying occasions and venues. However, you don’t want to be global elegance to get involved! You’ll discover nearby carrying golf equipment and teams throughout the town, and you’re positive to find the proper one for you and your family. 

Melbourne boasts a wide range of sports to keep sports enthusiasts entertained, including tennis, golf, netball, surfing, rugby union, rugby league, basketball, soccer, Formula One racing, horse racing, and cricket.

During the summer season, you can go to international cricket (test matches, sooner or later matches, and T20 matches), domestic cricket, and the fast-paced and highly unique Big Bash League. The Boxing Day Test is an occasion now no longer to be missed! 

The AFL Grand Final is held at the “G” in front of almost 100,000 people, and in Victoria, we love our AFL so much that we get a public holiday on Grand Final Eve.

From April to October, you may support your favorite AFL club at the MCG and Marvel Stadium (both of which are within walking distance of the critical enterprise district).

Speaking of public vacations for a carrying occasion, the primary Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup Day, the pony race that forestalls the nation. 


5. You Develop To Hate The Trams

The trams appear like this novelty type while your first pass to Melbourne. What an attractive and green manner to transport across the city!

Why doesn’t each location in Australia have trams?

Look at Melbourne, mainly the manner of public transport! 

Then you trap one each day of the week and begin to recognize they’re the worst aspect ever. They’re dirty. They’re now no longer constantly air-conditioned, but by some means too warm in iciness anyway. 

There are no means sufficient seats. They take ten million years to get everywhere, and they’re steeply-priced to use (they’re admittedly loose withinside the CBD. However, that’s extra beneficial for travelers than for locals). 

And if you give up and go vehicle shopping, you’ll spend half of your time locked inside the crowds that have gathered in the trams’ backs, preventing you from overhaulin them. Take pleasure in your life.


6. Fashion Consciousness Of What You’re Wearing

Melburnians are connoisseurs of fashion, and each suburb of the city seems to have its dress code. 

Fitzroy is full of discerning players, and Collingwood is home to money-hungry yuppies. The people of Brunswick have an appearance reminiscent of art students, and those who live their lives in the city are often dressed up, looking perfect. How do they do? It is beyond me. 

The town is a great place to be adventurous if you love to shop. There are many shops in the suburbs selling clothes that you won’t find anywhere else. There are also great finds in the city’s thrift stores – and you don’t have to venture to the poshest suburbs to find a bargain. 

Your style will probably change when you move to Melbourne, but it’s not the worst that can happen. And as if that weren’t enough, Melbourne has reigned as the world’s most liveable city for seven years in a row – and still ranks in the top three.

The survey rates cities on various criteria, including safety, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and the environment. So if you are looking for a fun lifestyle and world-class food, coffee, and culture, then Melbourne is the place for you! 



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