How Do Movers Charge For A Move? Know In These 6 Steps

There are a lot of things that affect the cost of a move. And also combined a lot of things decides the actual cost of a move. So in this blog, we will discuss the things that directly or indirectly affect the cost of a move.

When we talk about the cost of relocation, everyone has some questions regarding how it will be decided and on what basis?

And when we talk about it, most people say that the way a moving company charge is confusing for everyone. Even people want to know the main reason behind hiding the actual moving cost.

The main reason behind the secrecy of the moving policy of a company is the competition and many other factors that vary from time to time. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss every aspect that affects the cost of a move.


1. Type of a move

The type of move directly affects the cost of a move. This is the most significant factor to determine the cost of a move.

Most people tend to opt for less costly moving services, but we have to keep in mind that fewer cost always comes up with less convenience.

And if you are choosing cheap moving services, that means you have to work more on your moving day.

Similarly, if you opt for complete house moving services, it will cost higher compared to a small move or a single item moving services. The more service you book from the movers, the higher cost you have to pay.


2. Shipment weight of a move

The shipment weight of a move is one of the main factors considering the cost of a move. The shipment weight means the total weight of your valuables that a moving company transports and delivers to your new home or destined place.

Usually, two types of surveys are performed to get the estimate through the item’s weight. One is an online or virtual survey in which you have to fill an inventory form, and the company get a rough idea about the weight of your shipment.

Second is an in-house survey where a supervisor from that company will visit your place to check the actual weight of your move.

If you want to lower down your moving cost, it will be better if you donate or sell out the old junk of your home and lower down the shipment weight.


3. Moving Season

Usually, most of the move occurs in the summer season from April to September. So at this time, the moving rates are relatively higher as compared to other seasons.

So it will be cost-saving if you plan your move in the winter season. But conditions are not always the same, and we will not always plan things accordingly, so in this case, it would be better if you booked your move a few months before the actual move, it will also save your cost, and you will become the one to book the cheapest move in a season time.


4. Route and Distance of a move

There is no new thing if we tell you that the distance your move cover will affect the cost of your move. It is obvious that 1000 miles may cost higher than moving some 100 miles but not in some exceptional cases.

And like the distance, the route you choose also affects the cost of a move. If your old and new home is around a highway, it will cost less to move your belongings than moving a few miles under some main roads.

So, in this case, a few miles of busy reload will cost higher than the 1000 miles of highway. During this, what your moving company will do is that they will take other people’s stuff along with you and will move it which cost you lower.


5. Customization of Services

Rather than the moving cost, the one thing that will add directly to the cost of moving is the customization one made during the move. These services will not be added to the base package of the move.

So if you made any customization, then your moving cost will increase, and the cost will also increase if movers have to make extra or special accommodations for your move.

For example, if they have to use their particular piece of equipment or have to load all the valuables on their shoulder to move to the third floor.


6. Moving Insurance

Most of the moving companies provide moving insurance to their customers to secure their valuables during the move. But do you know that this will ultimately add to the cost of your move?

If not, then keep in mind that any accommodation that a moving company offers you will directly add to the cost of your move.

So it would be best if you first analyze all the terms and conditions of coverage and then add it in your move. Taking an intelligent move will always prove beneficial.


In conclusion, all you need to do during a move is always make an intelligent choice. Deep analyze everything and always do some research and learn about the ays and the techniques of moving company.

Ask questions and know about them before availing of any moving service. And if you are looking to move your valuables and need to get a reliable and experienced moving company, then hire A Class Movers to move your belongings safely and with utmost care to your new home or office.

We will offer you a variety of moving services and listen to all your doubts and try to clear them up.

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